Monday, April 4, 2016

Six Favorite Things {Right Now}

1. These three oils = allergy trio. I know it is hard to believe (since it is snowing in MA right now) but my allergies have been crazy and these oils have been saving me! Amazing! I honestly don't know how I ever survived allergy season without them!

2. This purse. OMG! I've never bought myself a fancy purse b/c I just could never justify spending a lot of money on a bag. But I've really been wanting one and over the past two weeks I think I hit ten different TJ and Marshalls locations checking out all the deals. This one kept catching my eye so it came home with me. I used birthday money to buy it and I LOVE it!

3. These green pants from Stitch Fix are so cute and comfy. They are like fancy leggings (I love pants with no zippers). I have a feeling I'll be wearing them a lot this spring! I love Stitch Fix.

4. Cookie Dough ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Yum! I don't even want to know how many calories are in one of these. So good. I look forward to them coming back every spring (but only treat myself to one once in a while)!

5. City Block Sheer from Clinque. I've been needing a new sunscreen for my face and this one was recommended to me so I decided to try it. It serves a dual person as a sunscreen and a primer. I love it!

6. These earrings from Nickel and Suede. Love them! I've been wearing them a lot lately and love the pop of color they provide! They are made of leather so are super light weight which is awesome. I'm super sensitive to most earrings and these don't bother me at all. Plus it is a small family owned company and I love supporting small businesses!

What are your favorite things right now??

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Snowy Boston MS Walk

So this happened! It may be April but Mother Nature didn't get the memo! We literally had a small blizzard this morning from about 6 to 9 AM which just so happened to be the same time at the Boston MS Walk! It was cold and windy but we layered up and made the best of it!

We all crammed under the one tent to try to stay warm! It didn't really work so we made our way to the field to play in the snow!

Mr. Snowman is our newest team member. He wasn't invited but we gave him a shirt anyway! We just hope he doesn't come to any other events!!!

The 2016 Bean Team is pretty fabulous! Talk about dedication!!!! I'm one very lucky girl to have such an amazing support system! I have a feeling years from now we'll be telling stories that start with. . . "remember that time we did the Boston MS Walk in the snow?!"

After being out in the cold we made our way to breakfast. It was a good decision. We found a great spot in Allston called @Union Cafe and it was so good (and cheap). I highly recommend it if you live in the area. I only wish I had known about it when I lived in Brighton all those years!

Some amazing members on the team did fundraising and The Bean Team has raised over $2,000 for this walk! That is AWESOME!!!! Thanks to everyone who donated.

Next up is Ride The Vineyard! I'm hoping for MUCH better weather for that event!!!!