Sunday, March 13, 2016

#SendMeToIreland 2016

Friday night was the annual #SendMeToIreland event at The Green Briar Pub (aka the event where I won a trip to Ireland last year). Spoiler Alert - I did not win again this year despite trying REALLY hard to be a repeat! We had fun anyway! What could be more fun than taking and posting silly photos while decked out in St. Pat's Day swag? Get ready for photo overload (each photo you posted on social media was an "entry" into the contest).

 The first 60 people there got to pour their own Guinness so that was fun. Oh and since I was a "VIP" (there words not mine) I actually got to pour two! Too bad I don't even like Guinness!

My paparazzi! So one of the funniest things of the night was when a few different people approached me and asked "Are you last years winner?" I felt pretty famous for a few minutes. There was a scavenger hunt to win extra entries and one of the things you had to do was find a photo of a past winner (good thing I was there lol). Katelyn caught this moment on her photo and we all had a good laugh afterwards!

 Don't worry those are not all mine!!!

So I had 13 entries I think (12 for posting on social media and 1 for just coming to the event). Michelle and Katelyn had a bunch too and we really thought we had a great chance of winning. Haha! The guy who won was boring and not nearly as much fun as when I won last year! We had a blast anyway and it was a rare night out past midnight!

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