Sunday, March 13, 2016

MS Climb To The Top 2016

Last Saturday was the annual MS event Climb To The Top. For the last few years I've volunteered at the event and was signed up to do so this year too but then the dreaded stomach bug got me. I was SO bummed to miss out but fortunately my fellow Bean Team teammates Michelle and Katelyn were still able to volunteer and my friend John did the climb so The Bean Team was still very well represented!

John actually "won" the event with the fastest time of over 750 participants! He climbed 61 flights in 8 minutes and 26 seconds. He didn't even train! He is fast!!

This is my little buddy Annie! She clearly didn't know her photo was being taken b/c she is usually very smiley! I love the little sign she made for me. She is the cutest!

Thanks guys for volunteering and participating on behalf of The Bean Team! You make me proud!