Tuesday, October 20, 2015

20th Anniversary MAAV Walk

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and every year MAAV has a walk and candlelight vigil. It is a fundraiser and it is also a time to remember this victims in Massachusetts. We light a candle and say each victims' name to honor them. Each year we hope the number will get smaller but until it is zero we will have this event! This year it was extra special because MAAV was celebrating 20 years! That is pretty amazing for a small community organization!

This year we did a community art project that was a weaving project. It was to draw the connection that it takes the community to weave together all their skills, energy and efforts to be successful. We had the weavings on display at the walk!

The founders (pictured above) were presented by Rebecca (MAAV Director) with our annual Advocacy and Action award.

My work team! So thankful that these coworkers took time out of their weekend to support MAAV! It was a cold day for a walk but they made the best of it!

The MAAV Walk Committee, Board and staff who all worked hard (for almost a year) to make this event possible!

We raised the most money we've ever raised at this event!!!!! Over $50,000 and 650 people! We are so grateful and don't know how we will ever top it next year! It is a good problem to have right?!

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