Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

Another Christmas is in the books. . . it was a fabulous long holiday weekend and the first one in over 10 years where I had Christmas Eve off! We spend that evening at my brother Allan's house with our traditional Chinese food dinner. Lol! We opened gifts (I got Hunter boots and socks) and we watched my favorite Christmas movie, Elf! It was a nice night with unusually warm temps outside!

Christmas day was spent at my parent's house. It pretty much consisted of eating all day and watching my nieces open gifts. . .  all day! Ha! They sure did get a lot of gifts but it was so fun to see the looks on their cute little faces while they opened each and every one.

I looked high and low for the game Pie Face b/c I just knew my nieces would get a kick out of it. They actually had never seen it before but that didn't stopped them from being excited about it when they opened it. We played it for all of 5 minutes and it gave some good laughs. Somehow I avoided getting pie in my face (lucky me)!

Peyton got these cute little doggie slippers (that went great with her dress) and Ella got ANOTHER unicorn! She is obsessed with this unicorn that makes noises and moves. Two girls who were very pleased with Santa this year!

Uncle Allan gave the girls a scavenger hunt game and it was a big hit. They pretty much torn the house apart looking for all the items and got the whole family involved when they needed help!

Our annual Yankee Swap was a lot of fun this year with a lot of stealing! There were gift cards, scratch tickets, liquor and a few other odds and ends! I ended up with an Amazon gift card and will be purchasing some essential oil supplies!

We always take a family photo on Christmas and this year it came out pretty good! We were missing my cousin Chad and his family who were in NY but otherwise it was a great day! Oh and a very warm day - we had all the windows open!!!

2015 Christmas Card

For those of you who didn't receive a card in the mail here ya go!! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmassy Things

How is it possible that Christmas in less than a week away!? I guess I better finish my shopping and start my wrapping. December has been a busy month filled with fun Christmassy things so I thought I would pop into blog world for a quick update!

I saw Elf The Musical in Boston. It wasn't as good as the movie (my favorite Christmas movie ever) but it was cute and a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit!

I saw some great Christmas lights! Check out this house. . . it is right down the street from my new temporary place and I just can't get over it! Too much right?! Oh and they play Christmas music too!

I saw Emily who was up for a quick visit from DC! We hung out with Beth too and celebrated Emily's baby on board!!!!!!

My nieces were in their dance company's Nutcraker performance again this year. Peyton had 3 parts and Ella had 2! They did a great job. I gave them these to Nutcraker ornaments to congratulate them (in lieu of flowers lol)!

We had our Skeeball Christmas party at the bar and it included a Yankee Swap. I got number 26 out of 27 which was very fun! I ended up stealing some scratch tickets and a DD gift card. I won $16 buck on the scratch tickets!!

So that is just some of what I've been up to in addition to work, shopping, essential oiling and sleeping! Looking forward to a 3 day work week and then CHRISTMAS!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Peyton's 8th Birthday

It is really hard to believe that this girl turned 8 years old on November 30th! She has a "puppy party" with her friends and family. They sang and danced for hours!

 She looks like she is making a wish here! Whatever it is I hope she gets!!

She had told me she wanted this pair of purple boots for her new American Girl Doll so I braved that store on Thanksgiving weekend and got them!! I must admit that I will shop there anytime b/c their customer service is pretty amazing.

The birthday girl had a blast!!!

Christmastime At Cambridgeside

Last week I went to a blogger event at the Cambridgeside Galleria. I had gone last year and was so excited when I got invited again! It is SUCH a fun event and once again it did not disappoint! We got to sample some yummy food, drink champagne, get a present and a swag bag!!!

I had number 24 which was a great number but of course what I picked was stolen. . . I had a Cheesecake Factory gift card which was stolen. . . then I got a H&M gift card which was also stolen. I ended up with a pair of earrings from J. Crew which are very pretty and will be nice for the holidays! How generous of the mall stores to donate gifts to us!!!

Santa stopped by for a visit but for some strange reason he put me on his naughty list? I have no idea why!  After chatting for a bit I convinced him that I deserve to be on the nice list!!!

It was a great event. I even got some shopping down. I actually really like this mall b/c I find it much less crowded than some of our other local malls.