Monday, October 5, 2015

Fashion Plates Brunch - Where Models Actually Eat!

Fashion Plates is just 39 days away which is SO exciting because it is such a fun day but also a bit sad because November means colder, darker days in Boston. So let's just focus on the positive! In case you haven't heard the news I'm modeling again this year after a year off and I couldn't be more excited!

Yesterday the Fashion Plates Committee and the models got together for brunch. I don't know what you've heard about models in regard to eating but let me set the record straight. . . Fashion Plates models like to eat (and drink champagne)! Check out the food below. Piper is always such a gracious hostess to open her home to all of us. We had such a nice time.

In addition to eating, drinking and talking we got done to business too. We stuff invitations and scheduled are fittings with the two stores who will be dressing us. I'm so excited to find out what I'll be wearing!

I would love to have a table (or two) filled with friends and family to cheer me on as I walk the runway! So buy your tickets now and make sure to put my name down as "table captain."

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