Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MS Challenge Walk 2015 - Day 3

I'm back to share about the 3rd and final day of the MS Challenge Walk! If you missed my recaps on Day 1 and Day 2 make sure to check those out too! Believe it or not Day 3 is easy. . . well let's face it walking 10 miles after walking 20 miles two days in a row is a nice break!

We were in a new cabin this year - #8 and it was great! It wasn't full so nobody had to sleep on a top bunk which is nice. We had some nice cabinmates and enjoyed chatting with them! We were definitely not one of the "party cabins." We were asleep pretty early both nights and honestly I think we were all just fine with that!

My friend Betsy (from high school who is also a walker) made some antlers for her son's Frozen birthday party and for some reason decided to bring the extras to the Challenge Walk. I mean why not?! I was really hoping I could fly like a reindeer and give my feet a break. Lol!

Look closely at this photo. . . so fun right?!

The best rest stop on Sunday morning is always the Dunkin Donuts rest stop complete with munchkins and coffee! Oh and there were pumpkin munchkins!!! Yum! Might as well continue with the carbo loading for those final few miles.

On Day 3 we found the crew members names in the trees and found my moms. We couldn't find Michelle's name but we know it was in there somewhere! We love our crew and couldn't do the walk without their support!

This is my favorite landmark on Day 3 (well besides the finish line). The name of the street is perfect for the final day and went along so well with the quote on our shirt! {Yes I did turn my shirt around for this photo and yes Jenn did take a photo of me doing it and caught me in my sports bra - that stinker! Fortunately it was on my photo so I could delete it. Lol!}

We finished so early the professional photographers weren't even at the finish line yet but thankfully my mom was there to capture this fun moment! We were feeling good but really for massages!

Jenn didn't get the memo about the "excited face" haha! We decided to go with the starfish jumping photo for our final photo and we hit feet while doing it. That could have been a disaster!

So this is the pre-finish line. It is in Dennis at one of the schools. There is a cookout, massages, socializing, etc. Everyone finishes the walk and changes into new shirts - orange if you have MS and blue if you support someone with MS. Then we load on buses and head to Hyannis. Together all of the walkers, crew and staff parade down Main Street to meet our friend and family. It is so much more fun to all cross the official finish line together!

How can you resist this sweet face? I know you want to join us next year!!!! {Please note the discount code if you register by Oct 15th!}

With our friend Tom (or as we call him "Tommy"). He was one of the speakers at the Saturday night program. We were all lined up for the parade!

My nieces were pretty excited to see up and to jump in the parade! They want to volunteer at the walk so we are thinking of good jobs for them for the future!

I love seeing the sea of blue and orange! This is just some of the people who were there! This is an amazing group of people - take my word for it!

This is Nicole - she was one of my cabinmates and on the 2nd night she said, "Are you on The Bean Team? Do you write a blog?" When I told her yes she told me her mom has MS and reads my blog! So exciting! Hi Nicole's mom! (Sorry for the blurry photo and photo bomb)!

Oh and just for fun this is my very shy niece Ella. She is 6 and has a personality that should be on stage! We told her to pretend she was singing and she did a pretty good job! Too cute!!

So how do I sum up this fabulous weekend in a few words? I don't! It is too hard to describe just how much fun it is to walk 50 miles with these people. Yes it hurts. Yes there are blisters. Yes my bladder was going to explode at one point on Day 1. But there is inspiration. There is family. There is hope. I will share a little more in a future post but for now I want to end with some fundraising totals. . .


Jenn and I were each required to raise $1,500 so that would have been $3,000 but we raised over $7,000! Isn't that AMAZING!??!? That is thanks to you guys!

I raised $5,278 which is the most I've ever raised in a single year for this event and it made me a "Top Fundraiser" which was such an honor. So thank you. Thank each and every one of you who donated and supported me. I really appreciate it more than you know!

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