Monday, September 21, 2015

MS Challenge Walk 2015 - Day 2

In case you hadn't heard I walked 50 miles in 3 days for MS! If you missed my Day 1 recap you should check that out before reading about Day 2!

Day 2 is "Orange Day" and everyone is encouraged to wear orange. Since we like to stick with the pink shirts we wear orange in any other way we can find it and that may include arm gloves that look like they are from the 80s, sunglasses and crazy hair antennas. After looking back at the photos I realized how ridiculous we I looked. But if you can't look ridiculous while walking 20 miles for Day 2 then what fun is it!? Oh and Jenn and I wanted to show that we were feeling strong and ready to go for Day 2!

Day 2 goes from the Sea Camps in Brewster, down the CCRT about 10 miles and back. It is the worst/hardest day of walking.  The tiggers gave us a warm send off and before we knew it we had surprised cheerleaders along the route. . .

My cousin Chad, his wife Meghan (who walked last year) and their two kids Callen and Laney made us signs and were waiting for us in Orleans! We were so excited and surprised to see some familiar faces and even happier to hear they were going to pop up in a few more spots along the way.

The crew at this rest stop were all decked out in orange. Their skirts are made out of cut up pool noodles. Pretty creative right?! I see a pink "noodle skirt" in The Bean Team's future!

Our favorite crew is "Crew 1" because they always have the best rest stops. They go all out with costumes and props which make for fun photo opps. This stop is a much needed pick me up on Day 2 and we get to see them twice which is even better!

This year the lunch stop changed locations which changed the walk route just a little. The good news was that it forced us to walk all the way to Coast Guard Beach and we saw seals! There were so many seals in the water and it was SO cool! Worth it for sure!

This was one of the prettiest parts of the entire 3 days. The entire National Seashore is gorgeous but there was something about this wooden walk way and the surrounding views that was just so Cape Cod! The views were awesome!

When we finally made it back to the lunch I was more than ready for a rest. The shoes came off and unfortunately I had a few blisters. Bummer for sure. We enjoyed a bit of a rest and caught up with our friend Beth (we all went to the same high school - small world right). I made a quick stop at the medical tent and got some blister care which I then somewhat regretted because when I put my shoes back on it was painful. . . like really painful. It took me a good mile of walking before my feet settled back in and went numb. Lol!

Oh and did I mention that Santa made a rare visit from the North Pole to Cape Cod!? He told Jenn and I that we were on the "nice list" of course! Thanks Santa!  Then right after seeing Santa we saw the next best thing. . . The General! We missed his so much last year when he was absent due to some medical issues. We were so happy to have him back singing to us along the route!

Above would be a perfect example of "do whatever it takes to get into the slide show" aka "we're delirious." Again when you walk 20 miles in one day after walking 20 miles the day before you get kinda bored (there is only so much to chat about). So when you see a photographer pop out of nowhere on the CCRT it is very exciting and you do crazy poses!!

Toward the end of Day 2 we caught up to Jack and all three of us were feeling pretty tired. We knew "the tunnel" was near the end of the route so we just kept looking ahead for that damn tunnel that FINALLY appeared and guess what. . . another photographer! I've always wanted my picture taken in one of the tunnels so I was pretty excited for that!

DAY 2 IS OVER! No sign could have made me happier! We made it and overall considering the fact that we had just walked 40 miles in 24 hours we were feeling pretty good. If it wasn't for my pinky toes taking a beating I would have been feeling great.

My mom and dad greeted us at the finish line and my mom even made a sign for us out of beads!

The rest of the night consisted of the usual - foot soak, massage, shower, dinner, reflexology, evening program/slide show. Oh and wine! We can't forget the wine!

Before the evening program I caught up with my friend Amy from Cocktails For A Cure (best team name right?). It was so nice to see her and next year we are going to make a point of walking at least a couple of miles together (someone we managed to miss each other all weekend on the route).

The Saturday evening program was awesome as usual. This year my friend, Tom, was one of the speakers and he did an amazing job! He was funny and inspirational while sharing his personal story of what he did/how he reacted when he found out his sister (Beth who is in the lunch stop photo) was diagnosed. I was so happy that they ended the night with a new song, something much more upbeat and inspiration. . . Fight Song by Rachel Platten!

Oh and my mom made it into the slide show twice on this night which was very excited since the crew usually isn't in it as much as the walkers! My mom and the rest of the crew work SO hard to support all of us walkers and we appreciate them so much!

Day 2 was the most beautiful weather for a walk! We were both up a few more blisters but otherwise it was a good day. Our surprise cheerleaders helped a lot so we'll be expecting some next year too (any friends or family more than welcomed to cheer us on along the route)!!!!

Come back tomorrow for Day 3 and to learn how much I raised thanks to so many of you who donated!!!!!

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  1. You rock, Jodi! Your pictures were fabulous and I'm glad you had such a great walking experience!