Sunday, September 20, 2015

MS Challenge Walk 2015 - Day 1

Well hello there! Since I haven't blogged in a while some of you may not know that I participated in the MS Challenge Walk last weekend. It is a 3 day 50 mile walk on the Cape. This was my sixth year participating in this event (forth year walking since I did crew the first two years).

As usual it was an AWESOME weekend! I'm going to tell you all about each day and share lots of photos!

This year The Bean Team was made up of just four of us - two walkers and two crew members. My sister-in-law Jenn and I walked and my mom and my friend Michelle spent the weekend in the Big Top Tent!

The weather forecast for Day 1 was not great. Rain was predicted and we were not happy about that at all. Not only does it mean packing a whole bunch of extra stuff it means walking 20 miles in wet clothes and sneakers. Fortunately it was only a light drizzle off and on in the morning and we were pretty excited about that!!

The walk starts on the Hyannis Green and goes to the Sea Camps in Brewster on Day 1. We walk through Yarmouth and Dennis along 28 and then the through some really pretty neighborhoods. The second half of the day is spent on the Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT) where we spend much of the weekend dodging bikers! This year there were around 450 walkers and 200 crew members.

Even a gloomy day on the Cape looks pretty! This is one of my favorite parts of the walk. It is so pretty with cute Cape houses on one side and gorgeous water/boat views on the other.

There are photographers along the route to take photos of us as we walk. Then at the evening program they show a slide show with photos from the day. Jenn and I will do whatever it takes to get in the slide show! Lol!

Where there isn't a photographer around there is usually another group of walkers which makes getting photos at important "checkpoints" easy! When you cross a town line and get closer to your final destination you document it.

I eat "fluffernutters" once a year. . . during Challenge Walk weekend! They were my FAVORITE when I was a kid and I look forward to eating them during the walk. Carbo loading is good when you are walking 50 miles in 3 days. {If by some weird chance you don't know what a fluffernutter is you need to goggle it. You are missing out on the most amazing sandwich ever!} Oh and check out my custom made Jamberry nails that Jenn gave me!!!!

This was our view for the second half of the day. The CCRT is pretty and makes for a scenic walk. There can be a lot of bikers on there so we have to be careful not to get run over. We hear "on your left" a lot! The crew members "decorate" in the trees and it is very exciting when you can actually find your name. This year we both found ours!

Have I mentioned that all we do on the walk is eat?! Yup! We eat. . . A LOT! Just a couple miles after the lunch stop we made it to the "drive-in" rest stop (which also happened to be our favorite crew who always has the best stops). It would be rude to refuse slush (especially MS orange slush) or popcorn so I had to eat some!!! Ha!

When you see the town sign for Brewster you know you are in the home stretch! Unfortunately Jenn and I both had to pee REALLY bad for the last 4 miles which was painful! Like really painful. It might have made us walk faster in order to get to the bathroom but it also caused us both to regret not using the porta potty at the previous rest stop. Lesson learned the hard way!

Coming into the finish line for Day 1! When the Cape Cod Sea Camps sign gets into eye shot it is always very exciting! It means that massages and wine our just around the corner!

Day 1 of the walk fell on September 11th so as you can imagine we had a lot of time to think about the horrific events of that day 14 years ago.

Foot soaks with epsom salt feel so good on sore feet after walking 20 miles and surprisingly my feet were is good shape. I think I only had one blister and a couple of hot spots which is the best my feet have ever been! I think it was the new sneakers. Thanks Under Armour!

Massages, hot showers and then relaxing with wine is a good way to wrap up the day! We also enjoyed reflexology again this year and it was glorious!

After dinner we hung out and relaxed some more. I got to chat with my friend Tara from team Sweaty Already! After that we had the evening program and slide show which was over by 8:30 PM and we were in bed not long after that! Walking 20 miles will make ya tired!

One of the highlights of Day 1 was receiving a text message from my friend Rebecca, Director of MAAV, with this photo of her and many of my fellow Board members! The message included a generous donation. It was such a nice surprise and made me so happy to know they were all cheering me on!

By the way Jenn and I rocked it on Day 1. We got back in the top 50 walkers!! We both felt good at the end of Day 1 which was nice. I didn't even take any Advil which is a miracle in itself. I did rub essential oils all over my legs that night and that was amazing!

Day 2 to follow. . .


  1. Jodi, you rock!

    I miss the MS Challenge Walk Cape Cod family.

    I'm seriously thinking of walking in 2016.

  2. UGH for rain, but I'm glad it wasn't too bad. I love all the food involved. Glad your feet weren't too wrecked, I just might have to pick up a pair of your sneakers for myself. Congrats on another conquered walk!