Thursday, September 24, 2015

Goats Are My Favorite

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend my mom and I took my nieces apple picking. The best part of this apple farm (besides the cider donuts) are the goats. They are so cute and friendly! The girls always have so much fun feeding them and I think if they were allowed they would bring one home as a pet!

The above photo cracks me up. The look on Ella's face is b/c she is lecturing the goats to be nice! Ha! Some of the bigger goats were bullies and were pushing the little goats aside in order to get the food.

 I mean come on. . .could this be any cuter?! This goat is just the sweetest and clearly liked Peyton!

 Pure happiness! Both Ella and the goats are loving life in this moment! Love her expression.

Ella finally learned how to do a flip on this day and she was SO excited! She literally would not stop doing them after she learned. It was hilarious. I love how determined she is and once she puts her mind to something she won't stop trying until she masters it!

We all love a good comparison photo! The top photo is the first time we took the girls apple picking (I seriously can't get over how little they were) and the bottom photo is on the same bench this year! Love these two and the memories/traditions we make!


  1. That is the cutest comparison shot!

  2. um agreed!!! I always tell my husband that he better get ready because we are going to have goats at some point in our lives! I love them, they are truly hilarious.