Thursday, August 13, 2015

Nothing Like A Water Ballon Fight!

Have you guys seen these water balloons that fill up and tie themselves?! Well I was intrigued and had to try them for myself (well with my nieces of course)! I picked up my package at CVS for 10 bucks and let me tell you.  .  . they worked!!! We had SO much fun!

My nieces were so excited when I showed them the package. Of course they had seen the water balloons advertised on tv and must have asked me 100 times when we would do them! Luckily the following day (on the Cape) was a beautiful day and we put the water balloons to the test!

The broke really easily when they made contact with a person or the driveway! It was so much fun throwing them at each other. The girls got the hang of it very quickly!

It didn't take us long to make our way through all 100 balloons! It was so much fun! Then we had to walk around the driveway and pick up all the balloon pieces (which wasn't as much fun). If you see these balloons buy them. I already bought another package and hope we get a chance to have another water balloon fight before the end of the summer!


  1. So much fun. I've seen those & they look SO cool. Much better than doing the balloon on the hose, the balloon ripping, tying the dang things - ugh, headache. Ha!

  2. What fun! I haven't had a water balloon fight in ages. So fun. Love that beach cover up.

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