Monday, August 10, 2015

August Already?

Hi everyone (is anyone still reading my blog)!? I realize it is hard to keep readings when I unexpectedly take a month off. I don't know what to say. . . life got busy. Summer has been mostly good filled with fun things. But it has been a been stressful at times too (thanks to the never ending apartment hunt and packing fun). I'm not having a great day but I'm focusing on the positive and sharing a bit of what I've been up to lately. I'm making no promises on when I'll get back to regular blogging but just know I'm trying. . .
Training Walks
The MS Challenge Walk is only 32 days away and training is in full force! I've been walking a few times a week. My walks have taken me all over Boston and Cape Cod (2 best places to train). I bought myself a Fitbit which has been a great motivator and I scored myself a free pair of sneakers from Under Armour!

Living the Cape Life
I wish I could live on the Cape all summer and not work. HA! I guess I'll have to settle for the weekends! This past weekend I hung out with my friend Noelle and her family. We had the best time relaxing, boating and sitting by the fire. Oh and that sunset was GORGEOUS!!!

Baby Showering
My fellow Fashion Plates committee member, Ilka, is having a baby girl this month! We showered her at our meeting last week. It is so much fun to celebrate momentous occasions with these ladies. We are all so happy for Ilka! (P.S. I gave her future daughter her first "little black dress" b/c everyone girl needs one)!

 Using and Diffusing Young Living Essential Oils
I'm still loving essential oils! I use them everyday and love finding new ways to use them (like in my mascara and in my Shock Top beer)! I've also been diffusing some of my favorite combos both at work and at home!

 Country Concert Going
Friday night Katelyn and I went to Zac Brown Band at Fenway. He was in town for 3 nights (who knew Boston loved country music so much)? We went the first night. It was a beautiful night and great concert! I love ZBB! I saw him last year at Fenway too and this year was just as fun!

Skee Balling
We finished our first season of Skee Ball. It was so much fun. We were pretty terrible but my teammate Michelle did get a trophy (and a shot) for being the Most Improved Rookskee (aka rookie). Yay Michelle! I guess we'll keep her for next season! ;)

So that's just a little bit of what's been going on. I have SO much more to share and like I said hopefully it will happen soon! But who knows. Check back once in a while and say hi!


  1. I'm still reading!

    I went to a MS Challenge Walk Cape Cod fundraiser in Quincy on Sunday. It was organized by team Prancing for Pino.

    I'll be thinking of all of you as the walk approaches.

    I miss the MS Challenge Walk family.

  2. Yep still here.
    Very cool to score new sneakers!!
    I love your boots and Zac Brown band!
    That picture of you and the sunset on the boat is gorgeous!!
    Skeeball! I love Skeeball. I had no idea there were teams to play Skeeball.
    I plan on bringing my husband next year to Boston to visit my friends. I am so excited!
    Take care and don't worry about others.