Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Just a few more days to get 26% off using the code BDAY26. Also $6 will be donated to The Bean Team's MS Challenge Walk fundraising! The prints are 8x10 for $20. I have both and I LOVE them!! Fine the two prints here.

I'm loving the skee ball league we joined. We are kind of terrible but having so much fun despite it. Plus we are rookies so we have a good excuse. We need to find time to practice but don't want to see like creeps going to a kids' arcade! Ha! My cousin's wife subbed for Michelle while she was away and we learned a rule the hard way. . . if you roll a zero you have to do ten push-ups on the skee ball lane! Meghan was a good sport! The very part of the night was the "11th frame" when we had to roll the balls between our legs while standing backwards. Well it must be good luck for me b/c I got my first 100! :)

I'm loving this combo in the diffuser! Whoever thought to diffuse Lime and Spearmint together was a genius! It smells so good and makes me so happy! Oh and it must be magic b/c it finally motivated me to blog! Ha!

I'm loving that I go to Chicago on Friday for the weekend. Gilenya (my MS medication) invited me to a blogger conference for people with MS. I'm looking forward to it but even more I'm looking forward to it being the start of my vacation since I'm off ALL OF NEXT WEEK! I'll be heading the the Cape for most of it! Woo hoo!

I'm loving that I got to see Newsies for the first time last night! It was such a fun show and really good! My aunt gets my cousin and I tickets to a show every year for Christmas. It is a fun tradition. I love going to musicals!

What I'm Loving Wednesday


  1. A Skee ball league sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a great time in Chicago and at the Cape! I've always wanted to visit the Cape. :)

  2. Skee ball league?! What?! That would be a fun league to be in. :)

    Mandie ~

  3. I loved Newsies!! It was so great! The skee ball thing looks like fun, I'm not that good at it, but it's one of the few arcade games I like at Dave and Buster's! :)

  4. I'm still dying of jealousy that you got to see Newsies! I was showing Cass your pictures on Instagram screaming, "LOOK! LOOK AT WHAT JODI GETS TO DO!!!" I'm hoping he took the hint and figures out a way to get me to a show when we move back to the US.