Sunday, June 21, 2015

Flag Day At Fenway

On Flag Day I had the opportunity to be a "flag dropper" volunteer for the pre-game ceremony. You may remember I did it for the first time on Patriot's Day and despite the cold and rain had a blast! Well this time it was a GORGEOUS day but unfortunately the Red Sox aren't playing so well. . . you may have heard. So dropping the flag was the high point of the day!

The Green Monster seats really are the best seats in the park! Just watch out for balls during batting practice! Katelyn and I kept ducking and putting our hands over our heads! Lol!

You can see us to the left of the ladder! My skee ball friend Zack is the guy in the light blue shirt. Then I'm wearing a red shirt to his left and Katelyn is in white next to me!

The night before the game we go to Fenway Park to fold the flag. It has to be just right so that it falls correctly during the ceremony! You can't walk on the grass (must stay on the blue tarp) and if you walk on the flag during folding you must take your shoes off. Very strict rules! The pros have this process down and we were done in no time!!

This is the most dressed up I've ever been at Fenway but I was heading to a concert after! Oh and thumbs down to last place!!

Such a fun weekend! I love Fenway Park! Now if the Red Sox could just win a few games (or at least the ones I attend)!


  1. Yea, the Red Sox are doing as well as my Brewers. Ugh. Can't win them all, right? But being a flag dropper, that's pretty dang cool! Jealous! :)

    Mandie ~

  2. Yay you did it again! This is seriously so cool!