Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Just a few more days to get 26% off using the code BDAY26. Also $6 will be donated to The Bean Team's MS Challenge Walk fundraising! The prints are 8x10 for $20. I have both and I LOVE them!! Fine the two prints here.

I'm loving the skee ball league we joined. We are kind of terrible but having so much fun despite it. Plus we are rookies so we have a good excuse. We need to find time to practice but don't want to see like creeps going to a kids' arcade! Ha! My cousin's wife subbed for Michelle while she was away and we learned a rule the hard way. . . if you roll a zero you have to do ten push-ups on the skee ball lane! Meghan was a good sport! The very part of the night was the "11th frame" when we had to roll the balls between our legs while standing backwards. Well it must be good luck for me b/c I got my first 100! :)

I'm loving this combo in the diffuser! Whoever thought to diffuse Lime and Spearmint together was a genius! It smells so good and makes me so happy! Oh and it must be magic b/c it finally motivated me to blog! Ha!

I'm loving that I go to Chicago on Friday for the weekend. Gilenya (my MS medication) invited me to a blogger conference for people with MS. I'm looking forward to it but even more I'm looking forward to it being the start of my vacation since I'm off ALL OF NEXT WEEK! I'll be heading the the Cape for most of it! Woo hoo!

I'm loving that I got to see Newsies for the first time last night! It was such a fun show and really good! My aunt gets my cousin and I tickets to a show every year for Christmas. It is a fun tradition. I love going to musicals!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Flag Day At Fenway

On Flag Day I had the opportunity to be a "flag dropper" volunteer for the pre-game ceremony. You may remember I did it for the first time on Patriot's Day and despite the cold and rain had a blast! Well this time it was a GORGEOUS day but unfortunately the Red Sox aren't playing so well. . . you may have heard. So dropping the flag was the high point of the day!

The Green Monster seats really are the best seats in the park! Just watch out for balls during batting practice! Katelyn and I kept ducking and putting our hands over our heads! Lol!

You can see us to the left of the ladder! My skee ball friend Zack is the guy in the light blue shirt. Then I'm wearing a red shirt to his left and Katelyn is in white next to me!

The night before the game we go to Fenway Park to fold the flag. It has to be just right so that it falls correctly during the ceremony! You can't walk on the grass (must stay on the blue tarp) and if you walk on the flag during folding you must take your shoes off. Very strict rules! The pros have this process down and we were done in no time!!

This is the most dressed up I've ever been at Fenway but I was heading to a concert after! Oh and thumbs down to last place!!

Such a fun weekend! I love Fenway Park! Now if the Red Sox could just win a few games (or at least the ones I attend)!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving. . .

The weather is Boston this past weekend was A-OK! I love walking around the city when it is just right! Oh and those purple flowers. . . not sure what they are but I look forward to seeing them around the city every summer!

I'm so happy I got to have dinner with Christa (you may remember that we met in person when I visited DC) when she was in town for a work conference this week. We had such a nice time walking through the city, chatting over dinner and then cocktails (check out the cutest cocktail ever known as the Dancing Bear Martini at the Charlesmark Hotel)!

Last week was our first week of skeeBoston, the Skee Ball league I joined with my cousin Katelyn and friend Michelle. We are the 3 muSKEEteers! We kinda sucked but had so much fun. Hopefully we'll be better on Week 2!

My mom sent me these pictures of my nieces at their gymnastics "show" and I laughed because I didn't even know they were doing gymnastics (bad auntie)!!! You can tell how shy and reserved they are in these pictures, right?!?!? :)

Last week Young Living came to the Boston area and I went to it! It was very fun. It was a great introduction with a lot of useful info. Oh and they had a "store" where you could buy certain products with a discount and no shipping. Win, win!

I'm placing an order Wednesday night so if you want to try one or two oils (with my 24% discount) let me know ASAP! Or if you want to order a Premium Starter Kit they are coming out with a brand new one next week and it is AWESOME! It has even more stuff in it than when I got mine!!!

Stephanie, the artist behind Letters from Rita, is celebrating her birthday month. In honor of that she is offering a discount when you use the code BDAY26. So not only do you get 26% off your order but she will donate $6 to my MS Challenge Walk fundraising! Oh and you get an awesome special edition custom print for $20. So what are you waiting for. Order in June!!!!! I think it makes a great graduation gift too or maybe even a Father's Day gift!!!!

That's all folks! Loving a lot this week. Lol! I hope you are having a great week and will link up with Rachel and I! Please share our button or link back to our blogs in your post. Thanks!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Monday, June 8, 2015

Downeast Cider Tour VIP Tour and Tasting

A couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity to go on a VIP tour and tasting at a local cider brewery, Downeast Cider. It was one of the raffle prizes at my trivia fundraiser back in March and I before choosing the winner I told him/her that part of winning meant taking me! Fortunately the person who won, Tina (my friend Michelle's friend) was more than happy to cooperate!

I love cider and we had such a fun time learning about how this cider is different from some of the more commonly known ciders like Magners. The two guys who created it were college friends at Bates and after college decided to make their dreams come true by opening this brewery!

We of course stuck after after the tour and tasting for a bigger taste! I had the cranberry and liked it so much I purchased a growler to take home (see photo below)!

They gave us the deposit on the growler for free as well as a pint glass! Now anytime I want to go back for a visit I can just pay $6 to get my growler filled. Pretty good deal!

It was a really fun afternoon. I love cider and it was cool to learn more. I love supporting local companies too. If you are in Boston I highly recommend visiting the brewery and ordering a Downeast next time you are in a local restaurant!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WILW: Rockport

Saturday I spent the day in Rockport. My aunt and uncle have a house there and in the morning we had a yard sale. It was a very hot day which is quite unusual for this time of year. We made the most of it and after the yard sale relaxed in their yard with the beautiful views you'll see below!

After a few hours of relaxing we made our way to Gloucester for sangria on the water and then dinner! It was a lovely day and I made $66 selling my crap really nice stuff! Oh and the best part was that I donated everything I didn't sell to the local thrift shop (a lady who volunteers came and picked it all up at the end of our sale). So win win!

I'm loving Rockport! {I'm not loving that I'm still sick and started a 2nd course of antibiotic yesterday. Hoping a day at home resting today and these meds will kick this sinus infection to the curb once and for all!}

Laney and the "Fairy Tree" where she found a dollar!! :)

Most photographed spot in Rockport! Oh and in case you didn't know the movie The Proposal was filmed here!

Your turn. . . what are you loving on this Wednesday? Link up with Rachel and I and be sure to use our button or link back to us! Thanks!

What I'm Loving Wednesday