Friday, May 1, 2015

"I Ride With MS"

Today I will travel to Martha's Vineyard and tomorrow I will (for the first time) participate in Ride The Vineyard along with my team, The Bean Team. I am not a biker and the rest of my team is so I'll be doing a shorter route (TBS) and they will be doing the 60 mile route! I'm excited! Here are a few of my favorite moments leading up to the event!

I'm borrowing a road bike from my friend and this is my first time "clipping in" so Katelyn (my cousin and teammate) suggested I practice in a parking lot before actually taking a long ride. Anyone watching us probably thought we looked pretty silly riding around in circles but it was helpful and I felt more comfortable afterwards! Let's hope I remember how to unclip during the real thing!

Genzyme donates a "I Ride With MS" shirt to all the MSers who participate in bike events. I love it and was pretty excited to get a package in the mail last week! I'll be wearing it proudly tomorrow riding for all those who can't and riding for me!!!!!

All winter I trained by doing spin classes at the YMCA but last Saturday Katelyn and I did a real training ride outside. We went 25 miles and it was good. I felt pretty good the whole time but it was mostly flat and the Vineyard is not so wish me luck while riding through the cliffs!

"Flat Jodi" is ready! This is the only packing I did last night. I actually have to keep this post short and go pack now. If you didn't know I'm a major procrastinator especially when it comes to packing!!!  I'm excited to wear my cute bike outfit because you know fashion is important even when riding a bike!

I do a lot of MS events throughout the year but my BIG event is the MS Challenge Walk. So I focus all of my fundraising toward that event (since you have to raise at least $1,500). I did have to raise $250 for Ride The Vineyard too. So if you want to donate I ask that you make your donation in honor of the bike ride to my MS Challenge Walk fundraising page. You can find it here! Thank you!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know I will! It isn't everyday I get to go to the Vineyard so I'm looking forward to exploring the island when not participating in the event.

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  1. Best of luck this weekend!! I'm sure you will do great. Should be great weather for the ride in the vineyard.

  2. Good luck Jodi!

    Just be careful on your 1st ride with clips. Remember to unclip before stopping at a rest stop. (I've heard stories over the years of people forgetting to do that at cycling events and falling over with their bike.)