Thursday, May 28, 2015

20th High School Reunion

I know it is hard to believe. . . I have a hard time believing it myself but last weekend I went to my 20th high school reunion! I feel like high school reunions have lost some of the appeal now that we have Facebook and can keep up with what everyone is doing. On the other hand this was our first official reunion which made it kind of exciting!

I went with one of my oldest friends, Jill (standing next to me in above photo). She had a few people over her house before hand. We all know you can't go to a reunion without having a glass or two of wine first! Ha! Let it be said. . . if I'm being honest. . . all the girls looked pretty much the save if not better but the guys. . . wow! The guys had all changed so much. Many were bald which made them unrecognizable!!!!

A fellow classmate took a lot of photos throughout the night which was great since I didn't take any! It was fun catching up with old friends and the four hour event flew by!

There was a photo booth and props too! We had fun taking some goofy pics in there!

Not sure when/if there will be another high school reunion for my class or it I would even want to go but I'm glad I went to this one! Out of my class of 200 people I think there were about 70 people there so not so bad!

Have you been to a high school reunion? Was it awkward or awesome?!

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  1. Hey cool! I went to Franklin High School too! ...just in Portland. We had our 10th last year and I didn't go, but only because there was no way I could afford to fly to Oregon twice in one year. Yours looks like a lot of fun! I love the photo booth pics. Some people posted pictures from our reunion and it was basically just a regular old bar hangout. I didn't feel like I missed out on much since we get a big group together for a bar hang pretty much every time I visit.

  2. 20 years! Wow, my 10 was last year and I didn't go (I was in TX but I went to high school in WA)--love how happy everybody looks in your photos! And y'all look like you could be in your mid-20s, so sign me up for whatever's in the water in Boston!

  3. My 20th is next year!! I'm not sure if we will have one or not. We were supposed to have a 15 year reunion that never happened. Looks like you had fun! Oh, my sister teaches at Franklin High School! (in Franklin, TX). :)