Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WILW: Exploriong Balboa {In Newport Beach, CA}

I'm changing up my "What I'm Loving Wednesday" format this weekend and instead of my typical list I'm posting a vacation recap. . . because I LOVE vacations so why not?! Plus when you go away in February you shouldn't still be blogging about it two months later. Let's wrap it up! Ha!

I lived in SoCal for a year back in 1999/2000 and I've been back to visit friends/vacation many times (so many times I've lost count). So needless to say I've seen and done a lot. But there is still a lot I haven't seen and whenever I go I try to see at least one new place. I had never been to Balboa in Newport Beach and I'm not really sure why because it is GORGEOUS and a must see when visiting SoCal. I am so glad we didn't let the (fake) weather forecast of rain keep us from going because it was such a beautiful day and we loved eating, shopping and taking in the beautiful ocean views.

This is honestly one of my favorite photos from my trip and maybe of all time. I'm not sure why but I just love it. This pelican was so cute and she just sat there and posed for me. The beach, palm trees and perfectly placed clouds just make the perfect backdrop. She's got a pretty good view if you ask me!

I love palm trees. Really love. Which is why you see several photos of them in this post. I took A LOT more but I figure one can only look at so many palm tree photos. I think Boston which be so much prettier with palm trees! Don't you? Oh don't I wish. When I think of SoCal I think of palm trees. They are everywhere and there are several different types!

Isn't he cute!? He was just laying on this dock very close to the shore and it didn't phase him when I took his photo!

I guess Balboa is "famous" for frozen bananas covered with chocolate and nuts/candy/etc. So of course we had to try one! It was pretty good but not as good as ice cream. Healthier though!

I really loved Balboa. The whole area is so petty. We poked in and out of stores on the main street and there was such cute stuff! I didn't buy anything since I had already done that in Catalina! I love SoCal and visiting my friends there. It is such a treat to have friends who live in beautiful places. All this talk about vacations is making me want to plan another one. . .

Now it is your turn. What are you loving this week? You can post pretty much anything just make sure to link up with Rachel and I and share our button!

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  1. Looks like it was a fab vacation. Great pictures.

  2. That looks just FANTASTIC!!!! Wonderful pics - glad you had fun.
    Thanks for hosting again this week!

  3. Jealous of this - seriously - wish I could go on a vacay like that!

  4. Wow I'm loving all these beautiful pictures! That pelican picture is amazing!

  5. Why does it look like you were the only people there?! Haha! Great photos! I love frozen bananas so much. It's what I get for breakfast at Disneyland. Haha!

  6. I love the pictures! Next time you go, I wanna go with!! :) I wish I could have gone this time!

  7. These pictures are adorable. I bet it was a nice break from the Boston weather. :)