Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WILW - Birthday Edition

This past Saturday was my birthday. While I do not like getting another year older I do like love celebrating with my friends and family and that is just what I did (despite still feeling a little sick with a cold).

During the day I went to my friend Emily's Bridal Shower (more on that to come soon) then managed to get a quick mani/pedi before meeting up with friends for dinner!

On my birthday I always like to try new places. I figure if I'm going out I should use it as an opportunity to experience new restaurants/bars. On Saturday night I got to check out a few new-to-me places and all were great!

Missy picked me up and we went for a quick cocktail at Bastille Kitchen which had a lovely bar area with couches and comfy chairs. Then we made our way to Pastoral to meet up with my other friends Emily and Michelle. Fancy pizza never tasted so good. Wow! I will be going back to this restaurant soon. Everything was so good! We tried the garlic knots, Caesar salad and kale too. They even had gluten free pizza/options for my friend Michelle who is gluten free!

I made the mistake of going to the bathroom at some point during our meal and my friends used it as an opportunity to order a birthday dessert. Fortunately the servers spared me and didn't sing Happy Birthday! The cookies. . . oh my goodness they were amazing! Warm and melty chocolate chips! Yum!

After dinner we made our way across the street to Drink. I've been wanting to go here for YEARS! I'm sad to admit that it didn't really live up to the hype. It is a bar with no menu. The bartenders are mixologists and you tell them what you like and they make it. My drink was very good but waiting in line and then standing inside are 2 things this girl doesn't like to do anymore. If I ever go back here it will be on a week night when it isn't busy! I am glad I finally got to try it and that my friends agreed to wait in line!

We decided to walk over to Trade so we could sit while we sipped our cocktails. On our walk we passed the Boston Tea Party site and had to stop for a photo opp with Samuel Adams because what kind of birthday would it be without a random photo!?

Our night ended soon after which was actually much later than I expected to stay out until. It was a fun night and I successfully visited four new restaurants/bars in Boston!

On Sunday I made my way to my parents' house for a birthday dinner. We celebrated mine and my brother Scott's (his brother was on the 17th). We each got to pick our favorite meal and birthday dessert (chicken casserole and Carvel ice cream cake for me and roast beef and chocolate chip cookies for him).

Peyton and Ella love celebrating birthdays and two at a time means they each get to "help" blow out the candles. I love the photo of Scott blocking Ella from blowing them out too soon!

Ella gave me some custom made Jamberry nails. I'm saving these for the MS Challenge Walk in September! How cool are they!? (FYI if you want to order any Jamberry nails let me know b/c my sis-in-law Jenn sells them)!

I love getting birthday cards in the mail (or in person) and decided to decorate my pantry door with all of them!

And last but not lease. . . this is Matthew and he gets the coolest kid award! He started a page on Facebook called Play For A Reason and each week before his games he shares who he is playing for! He played for me on my birthday in honor of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month! Thanks to Beth who gave him my name (she went to college with his mom).

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  1. Sorry you were sick on your birthday, but it looks like you had fun, and you looked great!! :) I saw the picture of that kid on FB, he's so cool for doing that!! Happy Wednesday my friend! :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sorry you weren't feeling well.
    Thank you for hosting this fun link up. Happy Wednesday and rest of the week.

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like such a fun time! I love that you try new places for your birthday. I should try that.

  4. it sounds like you had an awesome birthday!! may this be your best one yet! the concept of that bar sounds cool.

  5. This is all so great! What fantastic birthday celebrations! And what a sweet kid acknowledging important causes at such a young age.

  6. This is all so great! What fantastic birthday celebrations! And what a sweet kid acknowledging important causes at such a young age.