Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WILW: Another Amazing Fenway Park Experience

I'm back for another edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday with Rachel! I'm also back with another post about Fenway Park (two in one week). If you missed my post about my experience at Fenway on Marathon Monday go here and read that first. Never in a million years did I imagine I'd be back to share about ANOTHER incredible experience at Fenway so soon. Let's just say we were in the right place at the right time last night!

Emily and I have been going to Red Sox games together for YEARS (I've honestly lost count on how many). We always buy a Sox Pack and go to 4 games. Well it is the end of an era. For the first time Emily and I don't have a Sox Pack because she is moving to DC next month after her wedding. To say I am sad about this would be an understatement. We won't even go there right now because I want to focus on the amazingness of this night and not the sadness of her leaving! Anyway this was our last hooray so to say and let me tell you we ended it on a high note. A very high note!

The above photo was taken during a passing shower. They actually delayed the start of the game so we went back inside the park to stay dry until the game started. Fortunately it cleared up and ended up being a nice (but cold night). I swear I only ever go to Red Sox games when it is cold and/or raining!

Emily didn't tell me that she was putting her beer behind my back so I look like the lush but don't worry she had a drink too! Lol! Emily's dad just so happen to be in town from NY for the night so he came to the game with us too! We all joked the the "rain delay" was really a "please spend more money on food and drink delay!" The Red Sox organization is smart b/c it worked on me and I got a fried dough while we waited!!!

So around the 6th inning when the Red Sox were trailing by 1 run Emily got a text from her uncle who was at the game. He works for the radio station WEEI and he happen to be there entertaining one of their affiliates. He asked her if we wanted a tour of the WEEI suite?! We didn't really have to think about that one! So off we went to get the VIP experience!

On our way we had to stop off in the new area for kids and get our photo taken with the Wally bobble head. I don't think her father told us when to be ready for this pic which is why we both look kind of strange. Had to share anyway!

Then this happened! We were in the WEEI suite with Joe Castiglione (see photo below) and Lou Merloni who was filling in for the night! We were standing right behind them! Oh and check out this view!!!!

Oh no big deal. Just hanging in the WEEI booth at Fenway Park listening to the game! Oh and then I put on another pair of headphones and the staff person, Doug, could let you hear different things from around the park - like just the cheering fans (I could hear "Let's Go Red Sox. . .) then the crack of the bat and then the ball hitting the catcher's mitt. It was really cool.

We then left the suite and went down to the State Street Level to go into their "viewing suite" where the WEEI staff were watching the game. It was so nice and I've now decided that bleacher seats (were I pretty much always sit) will no longer do! LOL!!!!! On our way there we saw the new roof top garden. Fenway has gone green and are growing their own veggies! So cool!

We watched the rest of the game from there and it was an awesome view plus they had overhead heaters which is great on a cold night! The game got tied up in the 7th and in the 8th the Red Sox left Pedroia and Ortiz stranded. We were pretty bummed. But then I told Emily that the perfect ending for her last game (for a while at least) would be for the Red Sox to win with a walk off. They are known for doing this often. . . well guess what?! It happened! There were a few hits and players on 1st and 2nd and then they both stole!!! As you can see the team was pretty excited to win and ran out onto the field to celebrate. Such a great way to end the night!

I'm feeling pretty lucky to have had two awesome Fenway Park experiences so close together! Oh and there were giving out Fenway Park replicas last night so I got that too (first time I've ever gotten a freebie at a game)!

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  1. Looks like fun! x

  2. That is so awesome!! How lucky! I would love to be in the booth with Eric Nadel (the Rangers radio guy) during a game!! :) Great pictures!! I'm sorry your friend is moving. :( I'll try to make another Boston trip so we can go to another game together!! :)

  3. I am as green as the Big Green Monster with envy! ;-) Kidding - that is SOOOO cool! What a thrilling experience and I'm glad you got to do that.
    Sorry your friend is moving but glad you both got to experience that evening together.

  4. That looks like so much fun.
    I bet there are a ton of Sox fans that would love to have a cute girl to go to games with. :)
    I understand how hard it can be to change up. I have been a 20 game ticket holder for years and years but this year I cut back to 10 (really 11) and splitting those with my friend Trish. After we moved it got too hard to get to the park for all those games. You will find a baseball buddy, I am sure.
    Oh and as for that food, looks amazing. The Rangers have all these weird menu items this year based on fair food and they have BACON beer. Who wants bacon beer? LOL

  5. WOW! I'm very jealous but also happy for you. That's such an amazing experience.

    I saw the replica Fenway Park game listed on the jumbotron when I was at the game 4/19 & thought about getting tickets.

    Man do I wish I followed through & did.

    I have tickets to a 5/5 game though with my husband's work. There's a bobblehead Carlton Fisk giveaway that day.

  6. That is so cool! You're having a great baseball season this year!

  7. So cool!!! The garden is such an awesome thing! Your fry bread looks so good. I got a funnel cake at my last Ms game. It was a little breezy and the powdered sugar blew onto other people in my section. Oops!