Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Bean Team Gets Mucky At MuckFest MS 2015

This weekend was MuckFest MS Boston. The opening weekend for MuckFest. The Bean Team participated on Saturday and fortunately the weather was much better than last year! We had 6 muckers and 2 cheerleaders (Michelle and I). Unfortunately t-shirts didn't work out in time so the new members just worn bright colors so that we'd be able to find them and it worked out well!

It is always fun to see the "before" and "after" photos. As usual they were wetter than then were muddy but the last two obstacles required crawling through mud which makes for good after photos!

 There were a few new "decorations" this year including this giant duck! It made for great photo opps!

 Boston Is Mucking Awesome and so is this jumping photo! I love a good jumping photo!

Michelle and I starting walking to find a water obstacle. They changed the course this year and unlike the past 2 years there were no water obstacles near the finish. Luckily we got a ride in a golf cart after walking the wrong way. We got there with a few minutes to spare. Our teammates were surprised to see us and had to ham it up for a photo!

The water was 6 feet deep and cold! Katelyn stood on that platform for. . . well. . . a while! Lol! She finally had to jump when another team came behind her! I can't say that I blame her. I don't do cold water!

Crash Landing was a new obstacle this year along with one or two others. It was SO fun to watch and I really wanted to try it! Some of the Bean Team muckers had great form!

As mentioned the last two obstacles were muddy ones! Crawling on your back and then front. So if you weren't dirty by then you finished dirty!

These two girls didn't quite get that The Bean Team was trying to cross the finish line together! Haha! No problem! We like new friends!

The golden duck was another new addition and we heard that someone got engaged there later in the day! Dream proposal? I don't know. . . hopefully she was happy and surprised!

There was a sign by the shower that say "Premium Showers" which made me laugh considering how cold the water was. I wonder what the non-premium showers would be like!

While they showered and changed I relaxed in the sun! Ha! Oh and there is an organization there that collects the participants old/dirty sneakers if they want to donate them (which most of my team did). I think it is so great! I guess they clean the sneakers and donate them to people in need (sorry I can't remember the name of the organization).

We then went straight to the beer tent for our free beer. Thanks to Traveler for donating the beer. I enjoyed the Lemon Shandy and need to try the Grapefruit soon!

Oh and just in case you didn't know MuckFest MS is very cool b/c it was on The Bachelor this past season! Remember when Chris and the girls did it and Jillian kicked butt!?!

The whole team! Muckers and photographers/cheerleaders! We all had a great time. We went to lunch at a local restaurant after b/c they were all still so cold they wanted to go inside to warm up! We had a delicious lunch and some hilarious conversation (due to the age range of people in their 40s down to our youngest members who are freshman in college)!

If you have the chance to participate in MuckFest MS you should. It is going to 10 other cities this spring/summer (Boston was the first of the season). It is a very well organized event and everyone looks like they have a blast! Oh and we raised over $600,000 for MS!


  1. That looks like soo much fun! I remember I went to a camp once where they were having like mud tug-o-war or something and there was no way I was going near that lol I would totally do that now though, after having three kids, you kinda don't mind playing in the mud or getting dirty!
    Awesome post x

  2. That looks like a blast and awesome it raised that much money! Love the before and after.

  3. That all looks mucking awesome! Fantastic that it raised so much!

  4. Looks like y'all had a ton of fun & raised $$ for a good cause. Nice!!