Monday, April 13, 2015

Eating & Drinking In Catalina

Remember when I went to SoCal on vacation. . . in February!? Yeah it takes me a while to get through vacation recaps these days! Ha! So after zip lining in Catalina we spent the rest of the day eating and drinking our way around the island (don't worry it is a small island so we didn't drink too much)! It is such a fun place to "bar hop" and since we were there off season we were able to buzz in and out of places while getting prime seats!

There are no shortage of good cocktails on Catalina. Our first stop after zip lining was Maggie's Blue Rose. The atmosphere was very cool which was the main reason we picked it. . . oh and the view! I had a pina colada because well I was on vacation and wanted to indulge! It was good and a nice treat after our adventure!

Then we met up with Caroline's high school friend who lives on the island. So she took us to the "locals" bar which was cool to experience and pretty much as difference as you could get from Maggie's. I think the thing I liked the best about The Locker Room was the pint glass. I was tempted to steal it but knew that would be dishonest didn't feel like carrying it around! Oh and fun fact - this placed was the genuine locker room for the Chicago Cubs when they use to have spring training on the island.

After a tour in the golf cart from Caroline's friend it was back to Maggie's for some Mexican food and margaritas! We just liked it there so much we had to return! The food was good and my papaya margarita was delicious. I was unsure when the server recommended it but he was SO right! Yum!

We also check out another local watering hole but I can't remember the name. . . there is no shortage of good places to sit and people watch while enjoying a cocktail. I highly recommend visiting Catalina if you ever have the chance.


  1. Oh man! I love the Lightbulb fixture! I mean how neat is that? And riding around in Golf Carts? UH okaY!

  2. I so want to get on a plane and head to Cali!! This place looks fab!!

  3. I have always wanted to go to Catalina Island! We just got back from California a few weeks ago, and I tried hard to fit it into that trip, but sadly it didn't work out! Your photos are so pretty.

  4. Whenever I hear Catalina I think of the movie Stepbrothers and the Catalina Wine Mixer- haha! What a great trip-especially when you cap it off with Mexican and margaritas! Thanks for stopping by our cocktail linkup and sharing!!