Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Zip Lining In Catalina With Zip Line Eco Tours

I mentioned in my post yesterday that we went to Catalina my first full day in SoCal. Our main reason for going was to go zip lining. It was the first time for both of and we were really excited to experience zip lining in such a beautiful place!

The zip lining company, Zip Line Eco Tour, was impressive. I would definitely recommend them if you ever find yourself in Catalina. The staff was young but extremely professional. We had three guides with us at all times and they were all so much fun! I was so pleased with how serious they took their jobs but that they could still make jokes while being responsible. I never felt scared or questioned the safety of my equipment and I think a lot of this has to do with the staff!

After checking in and getting fitted with our harnesses we got on a small bus to travel to the top! On our way up we saw some great views of the island! Once at the top we got oriented with how things would work. There were a total of 8 zippers in our group (including us). Caroline went first because she wanted to go before she got too nervous (see photo below).

If you look closely in this photo you can see the platform where we zipped to. There were five zips in total of varying lengths and heights. Some were really steep too! We worked our way down zipping back and forth while seeing gorgeous views of the ocean and island!

I love how I look like I really trust him in this photo! Haha! But seriously I did. They really had a great system down and counted off on every person every time before we zipped away!

Ready to go!!! The neat thing about zip lining is that it is thrilling but you don't get that stomach drop feeling like you get with thrill rides or other adventurous things. So you go really, really fast and have the wind in your face with a zipping sound. . . then you hit the "brake" on the line and you stop! It seems like it is going to be sudden and hurt but it doesn't (I still tensed up toward the end every time thinking it would hurt).

The female guide told us we had to do a "tough" pose so we got out our "guns." Ha! This may be Christmas card worthy!

I love Caroline's pose in this photo! I have no clue what she was doing but she looks great doing it so who cares!

Oh hey look that's me!!! Just chilling as I zip away!

At the last line they have a motion camera set up. They "coached" us on when to pose and reminded up to move our arms out from in front of our photos. I think my photo was worth the $17 I paid for it! Caroline forgot to move her face from behind her arms! Oh well!

This was such a fun 2 hours. I'm so glad Caroline was up for this adventure with me. We had a blast and the cool weather ended up being perfect for zipping.

This was a great way to explore Catalina and see different views. I'm so glad we did it!

Have you ever been zip lining? If so where and what did you think?


  1. This looks like so much fun! I went ziplining once about ten years ago. I don't know if I would be brave enough to do it now!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I haven't been ziplining since high school and I loved it.

  3. You are so much braver than I am! I love thrill rides, but don't think I could ever do this. It looks so pretty up there though!