Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday - SoCal Vacation Edition

Happy hump day! Half way through the week and is it just me or is DLS kicking your butt too?! I won't complain because I LOVE that it is light so much later at night but note to self - redeye flight, DLS and MS do not mix! I'm feeling it! Today I'm sharing more photos from my 4 day mini-vacation in SoCal. Can you believe I managed to take 200 photos in 4 days?! Yup! So to spare you really long blog posts I made some collages to share some of my favorite moments.

I'm loving blog friends. . .

I met up with Leeann in Downtown Disney for brunch and shopping. We had brunch at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen since the menu looked good and it was a "jazz brunch." Despite the more expensive than usual menu (but isn't everything "Disney" more expensive?) my food and drink were REALLY good. Not sure if I can call what I ate breakfast or dessert. . . yum! After eating we goofed off (pun intended) in some of the stores! I think we make cute Minnie Mouses!

I'm loving old friends. . .

I got to see my dear friends Art and Evelyn while there. We went to lunch and I visited with them at there house for several hours one afternoon. It is hard to believe I've known these two for 15 years! We had such a nice time catching up and I'm so lucky to have them in my life!

I'm loving friends with cool jobs. . .

My friend Caroline works at a small aquarium in San Pedro, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. She's been there about a year now but last time I visited was right before she switched jobs so I had never been there. She gave me a tour (while the aquarium was closed - VIP over here - haha). There was such cool stuff there and so much research going on. It was really fun to see!

I'm loving all things in bloom. . .

One of my favorite things about SoCal is year round fruit/flowers/color. Oh so pretty and happy! Caroline has a lemon tree in her yard and I was tempted to make lemonade! I was just so happy to see so many things in bloom after seeing just white (and lots of it) in Boston for weeks!

I'm loving all of my vacation cocktails. . .

I love the assortment of drinks I had while on vacation! I also love the fact that I took photos of all most of them! The most unique thing I tried was chocolate sangria (top, 2nd from left photo). Now you all know my love for sangria and chocolate is right up there too. . . but I'll stick to red sangria! The chocolate was too much of a sweet dessert drink for me but was good to try once.

I'm loving the crazy SoCal weather. . .

When you happen to be in SoCal for the worst weather they've had in MONTHS you just give in and eat a Krisy Kream while you wait for the storm to pass. I literally drove through the worse hail storm I've ever experienced in my life. It was CRAZY! So crazy that Huntington Beach looked like it has snow on it (see photo below)! Oh and by the way that white stuff in the top right photo is hail!!!!

Photo by Allen Schaben, Photojournalist/LA Times

But then just like that the weather cleared up and it was a beautiful day! Leave it to SoCal!

As you can probably tell I had a wonderful vacation and indulged in some yummy food and drinks! That is what vacation is for!

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What I'm Loving Wednesday


  1. Yay for getting to spend time with friends! I saw that picture of the hail on the beach, so crazy!

  2. What a wonderful vacation. Glad that you had a good time and spent time with your friends. Spending time with friends while on vacation is the best.

  3. I love your link up! It looks like you had a fantastic trip - I'm so glad you enjoyed!
    Have a great rest of the week.

  4. Belle and the Beast made out of legos????!!!?!??! I die!!!!

  5. i love DD at DL. it's so much better than at WDW! love it.

  6. Looks like you had a great mini-vacay! So cal is definitely somewhere Iwould love to visit one day.

  7. I forgot to tell you, I think I got mild food poisoning from breakfast I was getting sick the rest of the day/night lol! I really want a Disney pass now. I may go for a day this week. Those Minnie ears convinced me ;)

  8. Looks like so much fun! I'm glad you got to meet up with so many friends and that the weather was good, most of the time.