Sunday, March 15, 2015

I WON A TRIP TO IRELAND!!! {#SendMeToIreland}

So what did you do this weekend? I didn't do much. . . JUST WON A TRIP TO IRELAND! No big deal! Lol! Seriously though I really did. I'm still in a bit of shock that this actually happened to me! Oh and it was on Friday the 13th which will now be known as the luckiest day to me!

I saw this event, #SendMeToIreland, promoted on Twitter and I thought it sounded fun. Even better, the pub, The Green Briar is just a quick walk from my apartment and one of my local favorites. My cousin, Katelyn, agreed to join me for some fun pre-St. Patrick's Day fun!

So the event worked like this: you had to RSVP to the Event Brite invitation to attend as only 350 people would be allowed. You got a raffle ticket just for coming and then throughout the night you could earn more for posting photos with the hashtag (which is why you probably noticed several photos on my IG and twitter)! Also if you showed them a photo of you holding a Guinness you got a ticket for a free one with the pint glass and you got to pour it yourself!

My perfect pour! Honestly I don't love Guinness. I don't even really like it. But it was free and I never pass up a free drink! I drank a little of it before switching to my favorite, Magners.

There was a great band, The Black Rose Band, who came all the way from Ireland to perform! They were great and played great music that was just loud enough!

Above and below are two examples of photos I was taking to post on social media. I was literally taking photos of anything and everything to get more entries! But then at 10 PM they closed the raffle entries and we had two hours to just hang.

Katelyn and I had been joking all night about one of us winning. We kept wondering how many photos was too many to post and if they would cut us off. We just wanted to get a bunch of entries! Oh and before the event I said to Katelyn, "So if one of us wins we're taking the other, right?" Who knew!!!!

This photo was taken around the time we got bored. Let's face it we are getting old and staying out until midnight isn't easy. Neither of us wanted to drink much since we both had to be up early the next day (I went to an all day conference). So I got some of the photo props for this fun pic (see my little orange hat). Then it was finally midnight and time for the main event that everyone was waiting for!

 As I mentioned you had to be present to win so when the first name was picked and called, Lindsay wasn't there. The owner (? I think he is the owner) called her name several times and once he was sure she wasn't there he picked again. The photo above is when he was looking at my name and he actually mouthed it to the girl prior to saying it out loud. Katelyn said it looked like my name and then he called it! We both screamed and I threw all my stuff on her (jacket, free t-shirt, pint glass) and went to the stage in shock!!!!

Once I got up there the staff threw confetti on me and he asked me for my ID! He wanted to make sure it was really me! You can see my license in his hand and he was telling everyone that it was indeed the right person and I had won (everyone was bummed b/c they were hoping for another chance to win)!

Then he finally handed me my prize! A certificate that states details about the trip to Ireland and how to contact the travel agent. Basically it is 5 nights in B&Bs around Ireland, a rental car, flights, and entries to Guinness and Jameson. It can only be used between Nov 2015 and Feb 2016 and it cannot exceed $1,500 in value. So I've already emailed the travel agent to discuss next steps!

I really was so shocked that this was happening to me and all the staff/social media people where snapping photos. I didn't know where to look and I feel like I don't look that happy but really it is just because I was so shocked!

Again this would be known as "the look of shock" lol! After joking about winning all night I couldn't believe it had actually happened.  Thank you to the girl who won first but wasn't there. I hope she never finds out or she'll be kicking herself! Haha!

So the moral of the story. . . it is worth it to stay until the end! Staying out until midnight was TOTALLY worth it! Thank you to The Green Briar for this opportunity. I am so excited to plan a trip!

To see all the photos of the #SendMeToIreland event go to The Green Briar's Facebook page or search the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram!

The rest of my weekend was fabulous too! I was on a high all weekend from the big win and a spontaneous visit from one of my college besties. More on that to come.

What did you do this weekend?!

P.S. Not only did I have this amazing thing happen to me on Friday the 13th but I got 2 other pieces of VERY good news. One that is concerning me and another that concerns a very close friend (I will share more soon)! So all in all Friday the 13th was an EXCELLENT day!

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  1. I love that you won this!!! That's AMAZING! You're going to have such a blast!

  2. Ohmygosh, that is so awesome! Luck of the Irish!

  3. Congrats!! That is so fantastic!!! You are going to have an amazing time!!

  4. Congrats Jodi! So happy for you!

  5. I still can't believe you won! SO AMAZING!! Didn't you just go to Ireland a few years ago? Lucky!

  6. That is SO AWESOME!! You will have a blast! I'm super jealous!! I know you will take lots of pictures, so I don't even have to ask! :)

  7. THAT IS SO COOL! I've been anxiously waiting to hear the whole story ever since you posted your celebratory picture. I'm so excited for you and your big trip! Of course I know you'll already be doing so...but just a TONS of pictures and write all about it!

  8. This was the coolest thing to watch! I'm so happy for you!

    Side note, and not to be a downer, but can you really do all of that in Ireland, with flights, for $1500? If so, sign me up! I spent more than that on my little road trip to the south.

  9. Kick ass girl!!! Luck o' the Irish, indeed!!!