Monday, March 23, 2015

2nd Annual Trivia Night MS Fundraiser

On Sunday night I hosted The Bean Team's first big fundraiser of the year! It was the 2nd year for a Trivia Night fundraiser and it was even more successful! So much work goes into planning a fundraiser and it is very time consuming. Planning fundraisers on top of having a full time job and numerous other commitments isn't easy. So I simplified things a bit this year and it helped a lot!

There were 12 raffle prizes varying in value from $40 to $125. Getting donations this year proved to be harder than past years. In case you didn't hear Boston got a lot of snow in Feb. This made it difficult for me to get out to make requests and also businesses were struggling with low sales and therefore not giving as much. Despite all that still managed to get some great stuff!

There were a total of 9 trivia teams and they are all pictured above and below (minus one team that was a last minute add on at the bar/strangers). The team names are hysterical so I have to share - I have no clue who is who.

{Tom's Twizzlers, Axe Me A Question, Average At Best, Cole's Angels, Suck It Trebek, Meat Sweats, Fancy Pants, Franklin Athletics Never Quit, and I Heart Basic Bs}

For the 2nd year in a row there was a tie for 1st place which meant there needed to be a tie breaker. So much fun to watch and I can't imagine it ending any other way now! The category was MLB teams and they had to alternate back and forth with naming teams. It lasted longer than last year (which wasn't hard to do since that only lasted for one round)! The winner was Suck It Trebek!

Then it was time to pick the raffle winners. This is looked forward to all night and there were several people who had their eye on a certain item or two. Oh and a lot of raffle tickets were sold. Some of the bags were packed!

The funniest thing that happened was that several people won more than once including my Aunt Cathy who won three times and my Uncle Billy, Tina, and Kim's fiance who all won twice. What are the odds of that happening?! It was fair and square - the trivia picked the winners and he wasn't looking!

My mom and dad handled selling the raffle tickets and they did a great job! I wouldn't be able to do these events on my own. It is great to have family helping so that I can socialize/thank people for coming and take photos (which I wasn't very good about doing so note to self get a photographer next year)!

I did minimal decorations this year (like I mentioned I had to simplify a bit and this one an easy way to do so)! My mom made another board with the previous year walk on it and it came out awesome. The other years were on display as well. Then it was just orange balloons, banner, table cloth, paper products, cupcakes, etc! It looked great and everyone in the bar knew there was a fundraiser for MS going on!

So the coolest thing happened (twice) and I just have to share. At the end of the night a man approached me and asked if I was Jodi. I said yes and he put something in my hand and walked away. It was a 100 dollar bill! Who does that?! I was so shocked I could barely get a "thank you" out before he walked away. I never did learn his name but I hear he is a regular at the bar and has a nephew with MS. THANK YOU!

Then a few minutes later it happened AGAIN! A man at the bar who is business partners with the owner walked up to me and said he wanted to shake my hand. He told me "good job" and slipped a 100 dollar bill in my hand! I can't even make this stuff up you guys. There are SO many good and generous people out there and I'm so grateful that I happened upon 2 of them in the same night!

So with the addition of that $200 the event raised a total of $1,050 (after expenses which were minimal ($150) - trivia guy, paper products, balloons, food/candy).

$1,050!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! Totally amazing! Thank you to all who attended! You all contributed to that amazing amount raised. Outstanding! 

I already had someone asked when I was doing another trivia event which made me laugh! I guess we'll be back for a 3rd year!

Next up (I hope) is a wine tasting! If you have a place I can hold it let me know!

P.S. For those of you who may be new around here The Bean Team will be participating in the MS Challenge Walk for the 6th year in a row. It is a 3 day 50 mile walk on Cape Cod. Each walker has to raise $1,500 to participate! If you would like to donate you can check out my fundraising page here.

P.P.S. Thank you to The Draft and specifically Derek for letting me have our event there. Thank you to all the businesses who donated raffle items. Thank you to Tyler, the trivia guy, for doing trivia at a discounted rate. Thank you to all of the trivia participants and raffle ticket buyers. Thank you to everyone who helped me make this event possible (that should cover it - haha)!!!!

Read about last year here and here!


  1. Congrats on the trivia night success!

    Sorry Dave & I were off car shopping & couldn't make it this year. We'll be back next year.

    Let me know the wine tasting details when they come together.

  2. I love seeing your fundraisers! They look like so much fun! Congrats on the big success!