Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Happy NO SNOW day in Boston. Yes that is something to celebrate since it has been snowing all.of.the.time. Rachel and I are back for week three of WILW and it is a good reason for me to focus on the things I'm loving which will not include snow, crappy commutes or freezing cold weather.

This is the best mashup ever! Love both of these songs so much and these two guys are so talented. Trust me - just listen!

I'm loving that The Bean Team is on TV! There is a commercial for the MS Challenge Walk on TV right now and you'll see Kate, Emily and I at the 10 second mark. Prior to that you can see Meghan and Leigh Ann but it is quick (just look for pink)!  We are famous! I've had friends tell me they've seen it on USA and TNT but you can watch it here!

I'm loving that despite the blizzard we had this weekend I managed to see three movies in the movie theatre! There were all quite different from each other but I liked all of them for different reasons.

Friday night I had a spontaneous date night with Kate. We saw Still Alice which was SO sad but very good. It was such a realistic look at what dementia does to a family. We both left feeling pretty sad so margaritas needed to be consumed! We had such a nice night catching up.

Saturday I finally saw American Sniper with my friend Michelle. It was really good but hard to watch at times. It is easy to feel removed from war and to pretend horrible things aren't really happening in other parts of the world. . . then you watch a movie like this and realize the sacrifices military and their families make. I would love to read the book that this movie is based on but doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Sunday was the blizzard but by Monday I managed to shovel out and met up with Michelle again. This time we went to the "fancy" theatre and sat in the lux seats for 50 Shades of Grey. It is the kind of movie you have to watch while drinking a martini. We ordered lunch off a full menu and had a great waiter who brought us whatever we needed. I could get use to watching a movie this way! Oh and the movie. . . it was good. I liked it. Ana was excellent. The movie followed the book pretty closely which I liked too.

I love going to the movies so to see three in one weekend is pretty awesome! There are still several movies I want to see but the budget might tell me I need to wait for them to be On Demand!

That's all for now. I hope everyone is having a nice week with better weather than Boston! :)

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What I'm Loving Wednesday


  1. That mashup!!!!!!! And yay for being tv famous!

  2. That mashup is fantastic!! So happy that there wasn't snow today!! A win for us!! lol. That is so cool that you are in a commercial!!

    1. WOW! These are all fantastic! I love the "fancy" theatre.
      Have a wonderful rest of your week

  3. That's awesome you are in that commercial! Yay!! I haven't been to a movie in so long, I'm such a slacker. But those chips and salsa look amazing. I don't care that it's 9am, I want chips and salsa now. Lol. I hope you are done with your snowfall of the year. Our temperatures are on a constant mood swing. I'm never gonna shake this sinus infection. Lol. Happy WILW Day! :)

  4. The Chips and Salsa looks so yummy and the Drinks :) Yaya for NO Snow day I bet you are so glad>>

  5. That's a lot of movies in one weekend! I wanted to see Still Alice too, but I was afraid of how sad it would make me. American Sniper made me sad enough as it is. Love that your crew made it onto that commercial!! :)

  6. Yay movies! I saw Still Alice over the weekend too. I haven't seen a movie that sad in a long time. I haven't been to a VIP theater in a long time. I want to do it again!