Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

When you've been hit with over three feet of snow in less than a week it is hard to be in a happy mood (for me anyway - the snow hater). So instead of focusing on the snow and cold I'm sharing a few things I'm loving right now!

Rachel and I decided that this weekly link-up needed to make a come back in the blog world. We also both need some blogging motivation and thought this would help. So please link up with us!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big football fan - college or NFL - but when it comes to the Super Bowl and your local team is in it you have to watch. What a game! Wow! I really do love Tom Brady and I'm so happy for him. I'm also so excited about the success of my Super Bowl Squares for MS Fundraiser. I sold all the squares and will be making a $500 donation to the National MS Society! The winners will be getting their money this week and I hope they have fun spending it!

One think is for sure. . . I will not be going to the parade today! It is freezing out and the snow banks are huge! I'll watch the highlights on tv thank you very much!

I know I've already talked about my love for Blue Bunny Mini Cones but I have to tell you about another flavor.  The "Birthday Party" flavor is so good and I think I like it more than chocolate! So good! I don't need to be eating these but I can't stop. I might have to try chocolate peanut butter next!

I'm not loving the fact that I was stuck in my driveway/parking lot for nearly 2 hours but I am loving that one of my neighbors helped me by pushing me out! I really don't know what I would have done. There was so much unplowed snow and my wheels kept spinning. Thankful for a nice neighbor.


LOOOOOOOOVE this song! Have you heard Sugar by Maroon 5? It is SO catchy and I can't stop listening to it. I also love the video and story behind it. If you don't know what I'm talking about you must watch. Adam is just too cool and how the heck does he sing THAT high?!


These sneakers! But do I really need another pair of sneakers. . . nope. . . but I still love them!

Please join us and share what you are loving today! Please make sure to link to Rachel and I in order to participate. It would also be great if you would comment on a few other blog posts. Thanks!


  1. I'm glad you can find "happy things" even with all the snow around you.

  2. I heard that Maroon 5 song a few weeks ago! I really like it!! :)

  3. So excited that y'all are bringing back WILW!! And oh how I'd love to see Tom Brady on parade! Congrats on your fundraiser-- glad it went so well!!

  4. all east coasters hate me but i really wish we had that snow!

  5. I'm so over this snow!! I too am grateful for helpful neighbors, they helped me get my car out of my parking spot too. Ok, I need to find those little mini birthday cake cones!! They look so good. I love those sneakers. I also love that song!! It's my new jam!

  6. I got your comment back, I didn't know I was a 'no reply' blogger or how to change that :)