Monday, February 9, 2015


While I continue to dig out of the snow and recover from a friend's bachelorette weekend in Vermont I want to share with you an amazing new research project that will hopefully greatly shape the future of MS!

Have you guys heard of iConquer MS? You may not have (yet) because it is fairly new but it did gain national attention in the Boston Globe last week.  You can read the article here.

So far 850 people living with MS (including me) from 48 states has registered to share their health data and participate in the research of this one of a kind project!

Since my MS diagnosis I've wanted to be more involved with research. I've often been told I'm "too healthy" or haven't had "enough relapses" to participate which is disappointing because I think there are many are people living with MS who are like me and doing research on the people like me (the stable/relapse free MSers) is just as important.

Now I get my chance to be a part of important MS research and I invite you to be involved too. This is an amazing project! iConquer MS was launched by a non-profit organization (that happens to be in MA) Accelerate Cure Project and people living with MS are the "heart and soul" of the research.

The goal is to have 20,000 people living with MS join over the next 9 months. Since I believe we should be active participants in our health I've joined and I am going to encourage my friends living with MS to do the same!

Let's CONQURE MS together!!!!

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  1. Awesome!

    Glad that you can participate.

    ACP is great. I always wanted to do more with them but once I worked for NMSS I couldn't. (Could be viewed as a conflict of interest.)

    Nacy Medeiros on Challenge Walk crew team 5 does a big fundraiser for the Accelerated Cure Project with her family.