Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Give Me ALL The Candy

I know that it hasn't even been Lent for a whole week yet but I'm already craving all of the candy! It is such a bad habit and we each way too much of it at work. But the worst thing happened when I was at Target tonight. . . I remember that the "Reds" Starburst Jelly Beans only come out at Easter and they are my FAVORITE! I can't have any until Easter which is going to be hard!!!!

On Easter morning I will likely eat an entire bag of these because I love them that much! Then when I'm done with those I'll eat my other favorite Easter candy. . .

Is it just me or do they taste better when they are shaped like an Easter egg? I think they do for sure!

If I was eating candy right now I'd also have some of these. . .

Oh and I also gave up soda so I'll most definitely be drinking a Coke on Easter! Give me all the sugar!!! In all seriousness I usually like to "do something" rather than "give something up" for Lent but I couldn't really think of anything I wanted to do this year so I decided to sacrifice candy and soda.

What did you give up for Lent?


  1. oooh those cadbury mini eggs are the BEST!! gimme, gimme.

  2. Great, now I want all the candy!! Ha! The Reese's eggs are the best!

  3. haha, best way to stay on track is to totally tantalize yourself with this post!! haha. Good Lent give-up though!!

    1. I love those sweet tart looking candies. Yummy!! ;)

  4. Easter has the best candy ever. I think the PB to chocolate ratio in the PB eggs makes them so much better!