Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ella's 6th Birthday

This is a good week because I only have to work three days and then I leave for sunny SoCal! I can't wait. This weekend was relaxing and low key because it snowed again (surprise, surprise). I house sat/dog sat and it was nice to just watch movies with the dog!!

My niece Ella turned 6 on February 11th but the lucky girl was in Disney World celebrating with Elsa who just happens to be her favorite princess! Then due to the snow her family birthday party was canceled last weekend. But today was her "friend party" at the local ice skating rink and it is safe to say she had a wonderful time! 

This girl is the slowest.present.opener.ever. FOR REAL! She is too funny! Needless to say she got a lot of "Frozen" gifts which made her quite happy! I on the other hand stuck with the unicorn theme which  is her other favorite. I've been grabbing things for months!

I found her two different unicorn shirts, a bag of mini unicorns (thanks Target dollar bin) and the best of all. . . a unicorn bike helmet! So cute!

My cousin's son Callen is quite the ham and really wanted to go on the ice with the big kids!

Ella (and Peyton) gave Grampy quite the workout! They love ice skating but still need a little help! I think they would have stayed on the ice all day!

 Laney, my cousin's other child, was a little timid and just watched from afar! She'll be 4 tomorrow!

Everyone had a good time! Kid parties are always a little hectic and this one was no different. I think Ella will remember her extended birthday celebration from Disney to home for a long time!

Oh and by the way it was actually warmer outside today than in the ice skating rink. Crazy when 40 degrees outside feels good! We enjoyed the sun and some melting today. Unfortunately it is back to single digits tomorrow which means ice. Not looking forward to the slippery commute. Thankfully I have California on my mind and only have to get through a few more cold days before I get a warm break from it!!!!!

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  1. OMG could they be any cuter? What a fun theme and great gifts! Looks like a fun time...oh to be 6 again!

  2. Her faces while opening presents are just too funny!! The party could not have been any more perfect at the ice skating rink for Frozen!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Could she be any cuter? What a fun party. I would love to go to an ice skating party. It totally felt warm yesterday. It was like ooh it is a heat wave. I was so happy not to have to wear my puffy jacket!! However, it's back to freezing today. Boo. How excited are you that in a few short days you will be in Cali!! Jealous.

  4. Wow I think Ella looks so much like you! She had fun and will remember her 6th bd. Calif will be a real break from the snow....enjoy it

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