Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Super Bowl Squares MS Fundraiser

Everyone loves the Super Bowl especially when you have a chance to win money.  Even better when a donation is also made to a great charity!  Oh and the very best is when your home team is in the Super Bowl (GO PATS)!!!!!


As most of you know I have MS and I participate is numerous events throughout the year and raise a lot of money.  Well, when you raise money year after year you have to get creative. People get tired of giving to the same person/charity.  So this is your traditional Super Bowl Squares with a twist.  Some of the money will go toward The Bean Team's MS Challenge Walk fundraising!  Win for you (hopefully) and win for MS!

Here are the details.

1.  You buy squares for $10 each.  Numbers will be randomly assigned by the computer program once all the squares are sold.

2.  You pay for your square via paypal using my personal email address (comment below and I'll email it to you if you need it).  All money must be received by Sat, Jan 31st at 5 PM. If I do not receive your money and you win, the money will be donated to MS in your name.

3.  Winners will receive:

1st Quarter $100
2nd Quarter $100
3rd Quarter $100
Final $200

The Bean Team will receive $500 and it will be donated to the National MS Society of Greater New England through the MS Challenge Walk.

4.  To participate click on the link below and enter the username and password I've provided.  Then click on the squares you want and put your name (please make sure I know who you are - no initials)!


Username: GoPats
Password: Thanks


Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might want to play along!  Good luck friends and thanks for helping me raise money for MS!

Let me know if you have any questions!!



  1. Good luck with the Superbowl Squares fundraiser!

    I'm going to be buying tickets to your trivia night fundraiser (and will probably be on a team with Janelle) but I'm going to skip this one.

  2. Hey Jodi - bought two! What email address for paypal?