Sunday, January 25, 2015

Garth Brooks Came To Boston

According to my Facebook feed everyone in Boston went to the Garth Brooks' concert this weekend which wasn't that hard to do with 6 shows!  Yes 6 with 2 on Friday night and 2 on Saturday night.  No clue what time the 2nd shows ended up starting on those nights but I know it was later than the 10:30 planned start time.  I'm just glad I went on Thursday night when Garth was well rested and psyched to be back in Boston after 17 years!

I know concert photos can be a little boring to look at but I wanted to share a few to remember how amazing the show was.  When he first came out on stage that square box lifted up and there was this round light ball around the drummer.  Throughout the night the colors of the lights changed and it was so cool.  It also made an awesome backdrop for Garth as he was performing!

When he sang "The River" (which happens to be one of my favorites if not the favorite that he sings) everyone had there cell phone flashlights on and it looked so pretty (not as cool as lighters but. . .)!

And then we asked the guy behind us to take a photo of us holding our neighbors sign but he totally cuts out the sign.

Yeah let's try that again!  A little better!  We has great seats - probably the best I've ever sat in at the Garden and the best part was that Garth charged one price for all the seats.  No matter if you were on the floor or in the nose bleeds you paid the same price (around $65 I think) and for that he is the coolest!

Trisha Yearwood came on and sang a few songs with my favorite being "She's In Love With The Boy" and during it she had a "kiss cam." It was hilarious!

My favorite song of the night was "Friends In Low Places" mainly b/c it is just such a great sing along song.  It was so fun to hear everyone singing and having a blast!  But really the whole show was so much fun and so good!  I'm so glad I got to see Garth in concert and he can still put on an amazing show! Oh and if you want a good laugh go click on that link and see the video from the 1990 awards show - OMG!!!! Ha!

Did you go?  If so which night and what did you think?  If he is coming to your city make sure to get tickets.  You won't regret it!

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P.S.  Boston is going to be slammed with a blizzard starting Mon and ending Wed.  Not happy.  At all.

P.P.S.  There are a few Superbowl Squares for MS left - get 'em while they last!


  1. I'm so jealous you went! I was wishing I was there all night!

  2. That looks like a GREAT time! I missed him in Chicago last fall...
    Thanks for sharing the fun.

    Stay safe and warm my friend!

  3. Oh my goodness, how much fun is this?!?!

  4. So fun!!! He still hasn't announced plans for Seattle, but he better make his way up here! I saw his Vegas show, but it was more intimate and completely acoustic. I want the full on stadium experience!

  5. I love Garth Brooks!!!!!! Definitely need to see if he is heading to Tampa!

  6. Looks amazing!! I'm so bummed that I didn't get to see him when he was in NC! I was inconveniently on my way to Texas... :( But I'm glad you got to see him and that it was amazing!