Thursday, January 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

Are you guys impressed that this is my 4th blog post this week!?  I'm impressed with myself because it has been a while since I've done regular blogging.  Hopefully I can keep it up for a while.  I have a relaxing weekend ahead with lunch plans and not too much else. . . hopefully I can be productive to get a few projects done.  I want to join the YMCA too so hopefully I'll make it over there this weekend.  Now to my recent favorites!

Kate and I saw the movie Unbroken and it was really good but the best part was the seats.  We had recliners seats and we weren't even in the "lux" section.  Um. . . yes please!!!  This just might be my new favorite movie theatre.

I call this "the many faces of Gabriel."  At 6 weeks old this little guy has quite the assortment of facial expressions!  I was trying to get a good one of him smiling and caught all these funny ones in the process.

My Aunt Cathy gave me this necklace for Christmas and I love it! She always picks things up on her travels so I had an assortment of gifts from different places. This is from Cape May!

Emily and Joe's families threw them an engagement party a couple of weeks ago. It was really more of an opportunity for both extended families to meet since so many people were home for the holidays. It was a nice get together and her Bachelorette Party is less than a month away! Can't wait for a girls' weekend in Vermont.  Then her Bridal Shower is on my birthday! :)

Holy cuteness! Wrangler!!!!  I'm totally obsessed with The Today Show's new puppy that will be trained to be a service dog.  I'm already following him on twitter along with 11.5k other people and you should too (@wranglertoday)!  The videos on the website are adorable and I just want to cuddle him.  For those of you who may not know I started and run the therapy dog program at my hospital and I love it!  I love the use of dogs for therapy and/or as service animals.  So I think this is great that so much awareness will be raise about these programs. It costs a ton of money to train a service dog so more awareness will likely lead to more donations for these programs.  Oh and I totally voted for the name Wrangler and think it is adorable that Carson keeps calling him "Wrangles!"

I organized FIVE years worth of Christmas cards tonight and it feels so good to finally have them organized!!!!  Three years worth have literally been sitting on my desk in a messy pile forever.  All I did was hole punch the corner of each card and use a key ring (one that opens - bought a pack at Staples).  So easy and now they area all organized!

This week I got the itch to go somewhere.  January is a tough month. You have the let down after all of the holiday excitement and it is cold.  Very cold and gray.  So I needed some sun and I need a "vacation" to look forward too.  Since I really can't afford a fancy vacation right now the next best thing is visiting my friends in CA.  I was able to score a great price on a direct flight in and out of Long Beach (which is so much easier than LAX and 5 minutes from my friend's house).  So the trip is booked.  It is a quick trip but it will be a nice break!

That's all for now folks!  TGIF!!!

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  1. I so want to see Unbroken. Were you are the new theater at Assembly Row? I heard it's awesome there. Oh I hear ya about needing a vaca. It's been so cold lately and that wind is just horrible. Happy Friday!

  2. Happy Friday!

    OH - I just love the many faces of Gabriel - what a beautiful child!

    And CALIFORNIA! You lucky lucky girl. There is a Hapkido Seminar in Santa Monica that I want to go to next month, but alas, it doesn't look like that is in the financial cards. But man oh man think of me once while you are in California. Maybe I'll feel the warmth! Stupid NY - STupid Cold.

  3. I love what you did with the Christmas cards! That's such a great idea!

  4. Oh my gosh - look at those sweet faces he's making - makes me melt!! Pretty jealous of your upcoming vacation to Cali - amazing!! What movie theater did you go to? xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. It's awesome to have a trip to look forward to!

  6. That baby is so adorable!! Congrats on blogging four times this week!! I blogged 3 times. I can't remember the last time I blogged 3 times in a week. Lol. I need to do that with my Christmas cards. They are already packed away in one of my Christmas storage bins. Oh well, maybe next year! :) I hope you can find a cheap flight so you can come to Texas in May!! :)

  7. That puppy!!! We are flying Jet Blue to Long Beach in March...can't wait!!

  8. I went back to the theater this weekend- I love that one!

  9. I think I would totally fall asleep in those seats but they look so comfy.