Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Making: Plans for my upcoming Trivia Night MS Fundraiser.

Cooking: Do Eggo waffles count (using the toaster is cooking right)!?

Drinking: Water since I took a spin class after work.

Reading: Blog posts. Trying to catch up with what is going on in the blog world. Also reading numerous emails thanks to my Superbowl Squares Fundraiser for MS.

Wanting: So many things. . . Hunter boots, Young Living Essentials Oils, Taylor Swift concert tickets and so many other things. . . 

Looking: Forward to this Sunday because it is my immediate family's Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Playing: The 2048 game so much that I had to delete the app from my phone!

Wasting: Too much time on social media (always).

Sewing: What?! 

Wishing: That this man's life wasn't taken away so tragically.  Praying for his pregnant wife, three children, extended family, friends, and colleagues. 

Enjoying: Criminal Minds (obsessed with this show even though it totally freaks me out)!

Waiting: To go to the Garth Brooks concert Thursday night.  So excited!

Liking: That I finally joined a gym and started training for Ride The Vineyard.

Wondering: Why everyone thinks the Patriots would need to cheat to win. Also wondering if the balls are ever weighed after any other game and if they were would they be the "right" weight?

Loving: All the bad food.  I need to detox and start clean eating!

Hoping: That my tax refund will be large so I can pay off some debt and maybe plan another weekend away.

Marveling: At the power of prayer and how much it can lift someone up during their difficult times.

Needing: A lot more time. My to do list is a mile long and there are so many things I want to accomplish but when I have free time I just want to rest/relax.  Finding the balance is tough.

Smelling: My "Fresh Sparkling Snow" Bath and Body Works candle (by the way the 3-wick candles are on sale for $12 right now).

Wearing: Layers! It has been freezing out and work isn't much better.

Following:  The news about jury selection for the Boston Marathon bomber trial.

Noticing: That not too many of my high school classmates have purchased tickets for our reunion in May and wondering if I should go. . .

Knowing: That if I go to above mentioned high school reunion I will probably want to roll my eyes a lot and need to bite my tongue at times but that if I don't go I'll feel like I missed out on something.

Thinking: That I should order photos to make Ella's 6th Birthday Banner.
Feeling: Exhausted!

Opening: Junk mail. I miss Christmas cards.

Giggling: Not enough!  Work has been beyond busy. Our hospital census is the highest it has ever been since I've worked there.  Three weeks straight of it and it is stressful and exhausting.

Thanks Christa for the blog post idea!

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  1. I also spend too much time on social media and need to step away. I need to get back to blogging more. Who are you going to Garth with?! That's so exciting! I'd love to plan for more concerts but my bank account hates me :(

  2. I love that you are going to see Garth! That is awesome. Have a great time.
    I want to tell you that reading your blog and how positive you face MS is so nice. For personal reasons, which I can't go in to, I find you inspirational in the way you approach this terrible disease. You go girl!

  3. Does putting milk and cereal in a bowl count as cooking? Because I've doing a lot of that lately. You've one upped me with your Eggos. Have so much fun at the concert!

  4. So jealous of your Garth Brooks' concert! How fun! Oh, and totally go to your high school reunion!

  5. Thanks for linking up with us!! So jealous you're going to Garth Brooks! Eggos totally count as cooking ;)

  6. I love the game 2048! It's SO ADDICTING!! I'm so jealous about Garth. Again, why don't we live closer???