Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Buried Under 2 Feet Of Snow But Still Blogging

I'm such a devoted blogger that I risked my life to go outside and take a few photos - yes on my iPhone and no I didn't drop it.  Thank you to all you smart asses who sent me messages to remind me to leave my phone inside.  For your information I did not drop my phone while shoveling last year. It happened on my way to my car one morning and then I left for a conference and it snowed all day so by the time I got home I couldn't find it despite Find My iPhone showing me it was out there. Anyway now that we have that clarified let me get back to the point of this post. . . to share blizzard photos.

We've know the blizzard was coming since the weekend so I figured the grocery store might not be too bad last night after work but I was wrong. Very wrong.  It was packed and there were no carts or baskets. I had to fight someone for this one!  No lie.  But Blue Bunny is an essential so I had to get to the store knowing I would be stuck inside all day today.

The Governor declared a state of emergency.  Last night at midnight all roads closed except for essential employees.  State offices were closed today, all schools were closed, no mail was delivered, MBTA (buses, trains, subway) were not running and so on.  Of course my work was open but since I'm not essential I was able to stay home.  Had to take a vacation day but it is what it is.  I won't go on a rant about how I think when it is a state of emergency and roads are closed that we shouldn't be forced to take a vacation day. . .

I stayed in my warm house most of the day.  The two photos above were taken from my bedroom window at 10:30 AM.  The two below were taken at 12:30 PM.  Take my word for it - there is a lot of snow.  Since there are tons of snow drifts it is hard to tell how much but over 2 feet in some places!

Around 1:00 PM I decided I needed to stop eating everything in sight and ventured outside to clean off my car.  Only problem was I couldn't get out the door.  The snow is so high that the door won't open so I have to go to a different door that is blocked by a wall and had less snow in front of it.

My car was completely covered with snow.  It took forever to clean off.  It has way more on it than it looks in this photo.  Crazy amounts of snow.  Too much.  In case you haven't figured it out yet I do not like snow.

I could hardly walk.  The snow was up to my thighs.  Literally fell a few times b/c the snow was just so deep.  It would be nice if they would at least come through and plow once.  But I won't rant about that either.

My bedroom window from the outside!  That's a lot of snow!

Before above and after below.  I may be smiling but I'm not happy.  Just excited to use my selfie stick! Lol!

The wind was blowing like crazy and the snow was sticking to everything so I was covered and it hurt my face a lot!  I couldn't wait to get into the house!

Another after!  My leggings are covered with snow up to my thighs.  They should make thigh-high snow boots.  I could have used them.  My legs were numb! 

So there you have it.  My sacrifice to go outside during the blizzard (named juno for some reason) just so I could share some photos with my out of state friends.

For all of you wishing for snow. . . we have plenty.  We'll share.  Come help me shovel and you can take away as much as you want! 

I am expected at work tomorrow so the plows better get over here soon and do their job.  Mother Nature better settle down for the rest of the winter.  I think we've reached our quota. 

I'm going to go find something else to eat.  Hope you are enjoying your snow day if you are local!

P.S. Last January we had a big storm (bur not as big as this one) and I ventured to the Public Gardens to take some photos.  You can see them here!

P.P.S. Two years ago we had a storm similar to this one (nemo) and you can see a couple pics of my buried car (different car) here.


  1. Oh wow! If that happened in Dallas-Ft Worth we would be shut down for a week. That is amazing! Stay warm. Blue Bunny and Frosted Flakes...staples of life? LOL

  2. Ugh I didn't even leave the house today! There was a lot of snow inside my apartment building thanks to the snow drifts though. Has it stopped yet?

  3. UGH!!!! Not cool - - at all! I hate when it snows like that. Stay safe

  4. I didn't go outside at all. I attempted to go out to get a picture in the morning but the wind was so nuts, I turned right back around! Glad you made it!

  5. Since you don't like snow, I really think you should consider moving to Texas. ;) If we get a few flakes, everything shuts down! ;) Great pictures!! Glad you are safe, sorry you had to take a vacation day. :( That sucks!

  6. I know it's a pain, but it's just so pretty! We've never had snow like that in Washington. We're lucky if we get three inches once or twice a year. Unfortunately it's unseasonably warm here and we probably won't get any. The mountains and resorts are really struggling too. Boo! I also totally agree with you about the vacation day thing. If it's unsafe to drive and everything is shut down, you shouldn't be penalized.