Monday, January 12, 2015

A Post Holiday Celebration With The MAAV Board

Being on the Board of Directors for a non-profit organization with only 4 paid staff members (3 who are only part-time) is a lot of work. . . but it is even MORE fun!  I love this board and all the amazing people who volunteer their time to raise money and awareness for domestic violence.

The other night we got together for a Yankee Swap.  It was in lieu of our monthly board meeting to celebrate the holidays (a little late because December is just too busy).  Well we had a lot of fun and decided we really should make it a regular thing!  Some of may have stayed until last call (don't worry last call is really late in a dry town)!

Several board members were missing which is too bad but those of us who were there enjoyed the Yankee Swap.  I got number 1 which is the first time that happened to me.  I ended up keeping what I opened from the start (which was an assortment of chocolate).  It was suppose to be a re-gift or white elephant swap but there were actually a lot of really good gifts!

I really didn't need all of this chocolate but I just couldn't resist this adorable tin that it came in!  Haha!  Don't be shocked if you see this tin again - I'm totally going to re-gift it with new candy in it!

So while editing this post I noticed that I still have the "MAAV Walk" post in my drafts. How did I forget to publish that?  The walk was in October!  Wow I was such a slacker at the end of 2014.  Look out for that post this week. . .


  1. That is an awesome box of chocolate! The tin is super cute!

  2. That drink looks delicious! A tin of chocolate to the rescue.