Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 Things I Want To Buy Because I'm A Shopaholic

Happy Friday! Although not so happy because we are getting more snow! Then even more on Sunday night.  I can't take anymore. I'm hoping it is all a sick joke and the groundhog won't see his shadow on Monday. Fingers crossed.

Today I thought I would share five things I want. I know Christmas was just a little over a month ago and I know that I don't need anything nor can I afford any extras right now but. . . that doesn't stop me from dreaming to win the lottery so I can buy everything!

Here are my top 5 at the moment:

1. TOMS 
I really want a new pair of Toms. I think they are great for travel (easy slip on/off at airport) and they are comfortable. I would like a pair to take to CA when I go at the end of Feb but that will also work for early spring here in New England. I like these b/c they are neutral and I think they would work with most colors/outfits. What do you think?

2. Hunter Boots
I've been lusting over a pair of these for about two years now but they are just so expensive. I keep checking Nordstrom Rack hoping I'll get lucky and score a pair for 50 bucks but no luck yet. I think they would be great for my trip to Vermont in a couple of weeks! Not even sure what color I would get but I do love the shiny ones best!

3. Coral Scallop Hem Top
I love this top. Love the color. Love the hem. Really love the hem. It may or may not be on the way to me in the mail. . .

 4. Young Living Essential Oils
I know the whole essential oil thing is pretty much cult-like in the blog world right now and I'll admit it. . . I drank the juice. I love reading about all the benefits these oils have. I think they would be amazing for some of my MS symptoms, migraines, stress, sleep, etc. If only I had an extra $150 to buy the starter kit! Someday! If you use them tell me your favorite one and what you use it for!

5. Workout Clothes
I know I know this one may be shocking to some of you. I'm not the biggest fan of the gym. I have a hard time motivating myself to workout. I am doing a MS bike ride in May and since I needed to train I joined the YMCA and I've been taking spin classes. I've taken them before and I love them. They are such a great workout! I need some cute clothes that are spin appropriate. I LOVE this tank and think it is very appropriate so it may need to be purchased but I also need bottoms - what are your favorites ladies? Old Navy? Target? Althea? Think affordable options please. Oh and I like capri as opposed to pants or shorts but will take suggestions for all.

That's all for now! Have a wonderful weekend. Ella is sleeping over so I should have some funny stories to share next week!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Reasons I Still Love Boston Even After A Blizzard

Unless you live in a bubble you probably heard that New England got hit with a blizzard that started Monday night and ended this morning!  It was a long storm that dumped over 2 feet in many areas including Boston! If you read my post yesterday you know that I am not a fan of snow. At all. But despite the blizzard I still love Boston.  Here's why. . .

{ONE} The Mystery Man Who Shoveled The Marathon Finish Line
So touching! This is a sacred spot in Boston and such a simple gesture that meant so much to so many.

View image on Twitter 

No words. . . this guy is too much! Check him out on twitter!

Might as well make the best of all that snow right?! Looks like so much fun I just wouldn't want to walk back up the hill!

{FOUR} Nurse Who Walked 2 Miles Despite Blizzard To Get To Work
Click on the link to watch the video/interview with this nurse. She is only one of many who did this. So many dedicated people who work in hospitals and did whatever they had to do to be there including sleeping over the night before on a cot. I'm thankful to the many in my hospital who did this so that I could take the day off! I'm non-essential! HA!

{FIVE} The 2 Guys Who Plowed My Driveway And Helped Me Get My Car Out
Seriously I don't know if I would have gotten my car out in time for work today if they didn't help me out - a lot! They plowed both sides of my car and even helped me shovel! It was so so nice of them to stay and help me when they had been awake for 2 days straight!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Buried Under 2 Feet Of Snow But Still Blogging

I'm such a devoted blogger that I risked my life to go outside and take a few photos - yes on my iPhone and no I didn't drop it.  Thank you to all you smart asses who sent me messages to remind me to leave my phone inside.  For your information I did not drop my phone while shoveling last year. It happened on my way to my car one morning and then I left for a conference and it snowed all day so by the time I got home I couldn't find it despite Find My iPhone showing me it was out there. Anyway now that we have that clarified let me get back to the point of this post. . . to share blizzard photos.

We've know the blizzard was coming since the weekend so I figured the grocery store might not be too bad last night after work but I was wrong. Very wrong.  It was packed and there were no carts or baskets. I had to fight someone for this one!  No lie.  But Blue Bunny is an essential so I had to get to the store knowing I would be stuck inside all day today.

The Governor declared a state of emergency.  Last night at midnight all roads closed except for essential employees.  State offices were closed today, all schools were closed, no mail was delivered, MBTA (buses, trains, subway) were not running and so on.  Of course my work was open but since I'm not essential I was able to stay home.  Had to take a vacation day but it is what it is.  I won't go on a rant about how I think when it is a state of emergency and roads are closed that we shouldn't be forced to take a vacation day. . .

I stayed in my warm house most of the day.  The two photos above were taken from my bedroom window at 10:30 AM.  The two below were taken at 12:30 PM.  Take my word for it - there is a lot of snow.  Since there are tons of snow drifts it is hard to tell how much but over 2 feet in some places!

Around 1:00 PM I decided I needed to stop eating everything in sight and ventured outside to clean off my car.  Only problem was I couldn't get out the door.  The snow is so high that the door won't open so I have to go to a different door that is blocked by a wall and had less snow in front of it.

My car was completely covered with snow.  It took forever to clean off.  It has way more on it than it looks in this photo.  Crazy amounts of snow.  Too much.  In case you haven't figured it out yet I do not like snow.

I could hardly walk.  The snow was up to my thighs.  Literally fell a few times b/c the snow was just so deep.  It would be nice if they would at least come through and plow once.  But I won't rant about that either.

My bedroom window from the outside!  That's a lot of snow!

Before above and after below.  I may be smiling but I'm not happy.  Just excited to use my selfie stick! Lol!

The wind was blowing like crazy and the snow was sticking to everything so I was covered and it hurt my face a lot!  I couldn't wait to get into the house!

Another after!  My leggings are covered with snow up to my thighs.  They should make thigh-high snow boots.  I could have used them.  My legs were numb! 

So there you have it.  My sacrifice to go outside during the blizzard (named juno for some reason) just so I could share some photos with my out of state friends.

For all of you wishing for snow. . . we have plenty.  We'll share.  Come help me shovel and you can take away as much as you want! 

I am expected at work tomorrow so the plows better get over here soon and do their job.  Mother Nature better settle down for the rest of the winter.  I think we've reached our quota. 

I'm going to go find something else to eat.  Hope you are enjoying your snow day if you are local!

P.S. Last January we had a big storm (bur not as big as this one) and I ventured to the Public Gardens to take some photos.  You can see them here!

P.P.S. Two years ago we had a storm similar to this one (nemo) and you can see a couple pics of my buried car (different car) here.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Garth Brooks Came To Boston

According to my Facebook feed everyone in Boston went to the Garth Brooks' concert this weekend which wasn't that hard to do with 6 shows!  Yes 6 with 2 on Friday night and 2 on Saturday night.  No clue what time the 2nd shows ended up starting on those nights but I know it was later than the 10:30 planned start time.  I'm just glad I went on Thursday night when Garth was well rested and psyched to be back in Boston after 17 years!

I know concert photos can be a little boring to look at but I wanted to share a few to remember how amazing the show was.  When he first came out on stage that square box lifted up and there was this round light ball around the drummer.  Throughout the night the colors of the lights changed and it was so cool.  It also made an awesome backdrop for Garth as he was performing!

When he sang "The River" (which happens to be one of my favorites if not the favorite that he sings) everyone had there cell phone flashlights on and it looked so pretty (not as cool as lighters but. . .)!

And then we asked the guy behind us to take a photo of us holding our neighbors sign but he totally cuts out the sign.

Yeah let's try that again!  A little better!  We has great seats - probably the best I've ever sat in at the Garden and the best part was that Garth charged one price for all the seats.  No matter if you were on the floor or in the nose bleeds you paid the same price (around $65 I think) and for that he is the coolest!

Trisha Yearwood came on and sang a few songs with my favorite being "She's In Love With The Boy" and during it she had a "kiss cam." It was hilarious!

My favorite song of the night was "Friends In Low Places" mainly b/c it is just such a great sing along song.  It was so fun to hear everyone singing and having a blast!  But really the whole show was so much fun and so good!  I'm so glad I got to see Garth in concert and he can still put on an amazing show! Oh and if you want a good laugh go click on that link and see the video from the 1990 awards show - OMG!!!! Ha!

Did you go?  If so which night and what did you think?  If he is coming to your city make sure to get tickets.  You won't regret it!

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P.S.  Boston is going to be slammed with a blizzard starting Mon and ending Wed.  Not happy.  At all.

P.P.S.  There are a few Superbowl Squares for MS left - get 'em while they last!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Making: Plans for my upcoming Trivia Night MS Fundraiser.

Cooking: Do Eggo waffles count (using the toaster is cooking right)!?

Drinking: Water since I took a spin class after work.

Reading: Blog posts. Trying to catch up with what is going on in the blog world. Also reading numerous emails thanks to my Superbowl Squares Fundraiser for MS.

Wanting: So many things. . . Hunter boots, Young Living Essentials Oils, Taylor Swift concert tickets and so many other things. . . 

Looking: Forward to this Sunday because it is my immediate family's Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Playing: The 2048 game so much that I had to delete the app from my phone!

Wasting: Too much time on social media (always).

Sewing: What?! 

Wishing: That this man's life wasn't taken away so tragically.  Praying for his pregnant wife, three children, extended family, friends, and colleagues. 

Enjoying: Criminal Minds (obsessed with this show even though it totally freaks me out)!

Waiting: To go to the Garth Brooks concert Thursday night.  So excited!

Liking: That I finally joined a gym and started training for Ride The Vineyard.

Wondering: Why everyone thinks the Patriots would need to cheat to win. Also wondering if the balls are ever weighed after any other game and if they were would they be the "right" weight?

Loving: All the bad food.  I need to detox and start clean eating!

Hoping: That my tax refund will be large so I can pay off some debt and maybe plan another weekend away.

Marveling: At the power of prayer and how much it can lift someone up during their difficult times.

Needing: A lot more time. My to do list is a mile long and there are so many things I want to accomplish but when I have free time I just want to rest/relax.  Finding the balance is tough.

Smelling: My "Fresh Sparkling Snow" Bath and Body Works candle (by the way the 3-wick candles are on sale for $12 right now).

Wearing: Layers! It has been freezing out and work isn't much better.

Following:  The news about jury selection for the Boston Marathon bomber trial.

Noticing: That not too many of my high school classmates have purchased tickets for our reunion in May and wondering if I should go. . .

Knowing: That if I go to above mentioned high school reunion I will probably want to roll my eyes a lot and need to bite my tongue at times but that if I don't go I'll feel like I missed out on something.

Thinking: That I should order photos to make Ella's 6th Birthday Banner.
Feeling: Exhausted!

Opening: Junk mail. I miss Christmas cards.

Giggling: Not enough!  Work has been beyond busy. Our hospital census is the highest it has ever been since I've worked there.  Three weeks straight of it and it is stressful and exhausting.

Thanks Christa for the blog post idea!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Super Bowl Squares MS Fundraiser

Everyone loves the Super Bowl especially when you have a chance to win money.  Even better when a donation is also made to a great charity!  Oh and the very best is when your home team is in the Super Bowl (GO PATS)!!!!!

As most of you know I have MS and I participate is numerous events throughout the year and raise a lot of money.  Well, when you raise money year after year you have to get creative. People get tired of giving to the same person/charity.  So this is your traditional Super Bowl Squares with a twist.  Some of the money will go toward The Bean Team's MS Challenge Walk fundraising!  Win for you (hopefully) and win for MS!

Here are the details.

1.  You buy squares for $10 each.  Numbers will be randomly assigned by the computer program once all the squares are sold.

2.  You pay for your square via paypal using my personal email address (comment below and I'll email it to you if you need it).  All money must be received by Sat, Jan 31st at 5 PM. If I do not receive your money and you win, the money will be donated to MS in your name.

3.  Winners will receive:

1st Quarter $100
2nd Quarter $100
3rd Quarter $100
Final $200

The Bean Team will receive $500 and it will be donated to the National MS Society of Greater New England through the MS Challenge Walk.

4.  To participate click on the link below and enter the username and password I've provided.  Then click on the squares you want and put your name (please make sure I know who you are - no initials)!

Username: GoPats
Password: Thanks

Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might want to play along!  Good luck friends and thanks for helping me raise money for MS!

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Bean Team's 2015 MS Events

The Bean Team has a very busy 2015 ahead of us.  We have several of our "regular" events and even a new one!  Always keeping it exciting and raising as much money as we can.  Do you want to join us?  Check out what we'll be doing below and click the link to sign up to volunteer or participate in any event!
Saturday, March 7th
Climb To The Top
Katelyn and I have volunteered at this event for the past 2 years and it has been a lot of fun despite the very early wake up call.  This year a few more friends are joining us which should make it even more fun!  One of the most impressive things about this event is seeing all of the firefighters climb in full gear and they do it SO fast!

Sunday, March 22nd
2nd Annual Trivia Night MS Fundraiser at The Draft
We are bringing Trivia Night back for a 2nd year but in a new location.  Grab some friends and make a team.  We will have awesome raffle prizes including Red Sox tickets, a Keurig, a Shark steamer, beer/wine and restaurant gift cards!  {$10 per person when paid in advance. 4 to 6 people per team!}
More info to come as the date gets closer but feel free to email me with questions.

Sunday, April 12th
Boston MS Walk
Unfortunately the site for the Boston Walk doesn't seem to be working right at the moment but I will update the link as soon as it is.  In the meantime save the date for our most popular event!  The walk starts and finished at BU with a free lunch! Team shirts are $5 per person (I covered the difference) and I'm thinking purple this year (just for Laney)!  This walk is 3 miles and goes at a slow pace so all levels welcome!

Saturday, April 25th
MuckFest MS 
This event came to "Boston" aka Devons, MA two years ago and The Bean Team has participated both years.  We are so excited to return this year for another day of fun.  It is more wet than muddy as you make your way through the 5K race and obstacle course.  There is no fundraising for this event but there is a registration fee (which increases as the date gets closer so sign up now and save money).  Oh and I'm the official photographer!  Cheerleaders also welcome!

Saturday, May 2nd
Ride The Vineyard
This is our new event for 2015!  Katelyn does the CCG each year but is unable to this year due to another commitment.  So we decided to try this event since we've heard it is a lot of fun (and a really good excuse to go to the Vineyard)!  It has 20, 40 and 60 mile options and if I can do it anyone can! If you register do it with a ferry ticket (just easier) and check with me first b/c I can probably get you a discount code.

September 11th-13th
MS Challenge Walk Cape Cod
The best event of them all!  This is such a fabulous 3 day event on the Cape.  We done it for several years now and it gets better every year.  So far Jenn, Emily and I are walking and my mom and Kate are doing Crew.  We would love to grow our team so let me know if you are interested in either walking or crewing!  Each walker has to raise $1,500 for the walk but I'll help you if needed so don't let that scare you off.  Last year we far exceeded the required amount!

So there you have it!  It is going to be a busy year but a great one.  There will hopefully be one or two other fundraisers mixed in there somewhere so watch out for more info to come (hint: a wine tasting)!

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the events.

P.S.  If you have anything you would like to donate for a raffle item at one of my fundraisers let me know!  We will give you plenty of social media shout outs and recognition at the event.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sing And Your Meal Is FREE!

Seriously! If you sing at Papagayo's Karaoke Brunch you get your meal for free.  I had the opportunity to check it out today with some other lady bloggers and we had so much fun. 

I don't know about you but I'm not that big of a fan of singing karaoke.  Watching it. . . oh yes, especially the bad ones!  I think I'd rather pay for my food then be forced to sing in front of people.  Much to my surprise there were a lot of really good singers and they were even brave enough to sing alone. . . in the daylight. . . possibly sober!  Props to them.  I enjoyed watching/listening.

The food was excellent.  I stayed basic with pancakes but they were some of the best pancakes I've had!  I did have two delicious margaritas - a blood orange and a prickly pear and they were both really good!  But not good enough to give me the liquid courage to sing thankfully!  Haha!

The brave ladies in our group who sang TLC's "No Scrubs!"  There is a video floating around somewhere if you want to hear how they did!

The paparazzi aka those of us too chicken to sing!  Someone had to take the photos/videos!

I'd previously been to Papagayo for dinner and really enjoyed it but this was a nice switch.  Breakfast food and margaritas is a good combo.  Add excellent service, good company and fun entertainment and you've got a winning combination!  I would definitely go back! 

*Karaoke brunch only available at the Charlestown location.

*My meal was complimentary (even though I didn't sing) but all opinions are my own.

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