Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Some Christmassy Stuff

Since I hardly blogged in December I didn't get a chance to share all of the random photos on my phone and I don't want to forget all of the fun Christmassy things from this year so consider this a Christmassy photo dump!
My office mate got in the spirit this year by decorating our office. She figured if we had to spend the majority of our time at work we might as well have it look pretty! There are four of us jammed into this office and she even got a stocking for my intern (who doesn't have an office but spends a lot of time in ours).  I must say I'll be sad to see the Christmas decorations go next week.  Oh and Santa forgot to come to the hospital because my stocking is STILL empty!

I debated doing Christmas cards this year even though I love them and it is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  I love snail mail and finally found something I liked!

At our December Fashion Plates Committee meeting one of the committee members, Mary Ann always brings/makes the BEST snacks!  She made this twist on tomato, mozzarella and basil to look like a Christmas tree.  I had to get a photo before we devoured it!

My friend Stacy sent me Jamberry nails for Christmas so I had to do a couple of different looks over the holidays!  Love the way they came out only wish they would stay on me longer.  I find that they start peeling at the top after a couple of days and not sure what I'm doing wrong!!

 I think I ate enough sweets in the month of December to last me a life time. I'm really not even exaggerating.  It was just too much but what can you do when people gift you sweets every day at work?!  Many of the nursing homes that we refer patients to brought us sweets and our hospitalists group gave us the cake!  It was all so good.

I cut some back branches off of my Christmas tree to make this little arrangement for my kitchen counter.  So simple but I love the way it looked!

I love seeing my door change throughout the month as more and more cards come in the mail!  This is the only Christmas "decoration" that I will leave up past this weekend.  I enjoy looking at them for several months.

The mall near me that I refer to as "the fancy mall" does a beautiful display for Christmas. I just love this tree and all the presents hanging from the ceiling!

 My mom sent me this photo after the girls made fun Christmas trees!  So colorful and pretty!

Right near where I work are two houses next to each other that do a HUGE light/Christmas display.  It really is worth seeing and fortunately I had to go by there one night (it is out of my way but I had an errand to do right near it).  I took this photo from my car so unfortunately you can't see the other house but it is awesome!  I wonder what their electric bills are???!!!

That's a wrap!  I love Christmassy things!!!!