Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

I took a little blogging break (aka I was too lazy to blog over the long weekend and after work this week)!  I do want to share my photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas before the end of 2014 so I'm cutting it close!

I worked on Christmas Eve but managed to sneak out of the hospital at 3 and get to my brother's house by 3:30.  My immediate family plus my Aunt Cathy go to Allan's house every year.  A few years ago we started opening our gifts on Christmas Eve since Christmas day is so busy with many more people.  It works out well and there are two little girls who especially like this tradition!  Their excitement was hilarious and I managed to bribe them for a photo in front of the Christmas tree before opening began!

Frozen was on TV so that worked out well since it is Ella's FAVORITE movie and many of her gifts were Frozen items!  Don't worry. . . later we watched Christmas movies!

One of the gifts I gave the girls were giant slinkys.  They were the first gifts I bought all the way back in June when I was in Michigan (for the 2nd trip).  They were pretty cool and hopefully won't break/tangle as quick as the small ones.

Ella gave me a selfie stick and we had to try it out!  I'd say it was the best gift ever! Lol!

My dad's favorite gift was this giant teddy bear!  Yes you read that right - it was a gift for my dad not the girls but safe to say they loved it too.  My dad gets a new bear every year and my parent's house looks like a toy store at Christmas time!

 Ella had fun playing with Cathy.  She wanted Olaf to ride away on her unicorn! 

Unfortunately this is the only family photo we got and it isn't the greatest due to the lighting.  But everyone is looking and has their eyes open so we'll call it a win!

Every year on Christmas Eve we order Chinese food for dinner so that nobody has to cook.  We always eat way too much food and usually are too full for dessert so I had to laugh when this was my fortune!  I think I ate my fair share of desserts all week at work leading up to Christmas!

Christmas Eve was relaxing and fun.  We had a nice time exchanging gifts and eating!  Ha!  I got a pair of Converse sneakers that I wanted, two Alex and Ani bracelets, a sweater from J. Crew, a ticket to Newsies (for when it comes to Boston this summer) and a few other things including gift cards and cash!  All in all a great night!

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