Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Card Carousel 2014

I really wish I could mail ALL of you a Christmas card in the mail because honestly it is one of my top three favorite things associated with Christmas.  I LOVE getting your cards in the mail and seeing all of the beautiful photos.

This isn't my favorite card I've ever made but it will do.  Honestly 2014 won't go down as the best year ever and making a Christmas card as a single, childless person isn't easy (have you ever noticed that all the cards have "we" or "us" on them?!)  Pretend this is in your mailbox!

Sorry it is a little blurry. . . a screen shot from Snapfish was the best I could do to show you my card!

Finally linking up with Faith to share my Christmas card! 


  1. You've had a great year huh? I love how your card came out. Found your post on the Christmas Card Carousel :-)

  2. I was happy to receive your card in the mail! I never got around to sending them this year, so dont think you were left out! Just got lazy, and I knew Steve wouldnt do them