Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas day we all gathered at my parents' house around 1 PM which allowed for sleeping in (well for me anyways since no little kids live in my house)! We spent most of the day eating and watching the kids open gifts.  Along with my two nieces, my cousin's two kids Laney and Callen were there too!  I didn't manage to get photos of everyone but I did catch some fun moments!

I love this photo!  Cathy bought Callen a whistle while on her cruise and he got a kick out of it when she showed him how it worked.  She also got the girls bracelet bells so we were all giving her the evil eye for buying loud gifts. Lol!

How many attempts do you think it took to get this photo?  I think I took 5 and this was the best I could do!  This was with several adults standing behind me trying to get all of the kids' attention!  They are all so cute and they had such a fun day.  Christmas is so much more fun with kids in the family!

Every year we do a family photo on Christmas.  Our family friend who joins us for all holidays is our photographer and she did a good job this year!  We are all looking except for Callen but he gets a pass!  After the serious one we had to do a silly one too. . .

The adults don't really exchange gifts but we do a Yankee Swap every year.  Everyone buys one gift for $40 and then we pick numbers.  This year there were 15 and I got number 15!!!!  That is the first time that has ever happened and I was very excited.  I ended up with two Christmas wine glasses, a Home Goods gift card (that I already used) and a Kohls gift card!  For some reason there was a lot more stealing this year than usual and it made it a lot of fun. I think Katelyn got stolen from the most but luckily still ended up with something she wanted!  The kids don't participate but they sure love stealing helping!

How many people does it take to open the gift?! We were all anxious to know what this BIG gift was since it certainly wasn't alcohol or a gift card.  It was a really nice full length mirror!

I just love this photo of Peyton looking like a teenager lounging on the couch with her new kid's Kindle!!

Oh and don't worry. . . the selfie stick made it to my parents' house for the Christmas day fun!  Since 2014 was the year of the selfie it only made sense that some selfies (or usies and groupies) documented the day!

It was such a fun and warm (close to 60 degrees) day.  It always goes by way too fast!  I'm savoring the last few days of the Christmas season and enjoying my tree until this weekend! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I certainly did and I'm so thankful to have family to celebrate the day with each year. 

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