Wednesday, December 31, 2014

7 Steps For Decorating The Perfect Christmas Tree

Some may call my tree getting and decorating process unconventional but for me it works (kind of).  So I thought I would share my expert advice with all of you (in a very sarcastic way)!!!

STEP 1:  
Pick out the prettiest real tree at your local Christmas Tree "Farm" and make sure to get a photo of you and your tree!

Bring tree inside and get it straight in the Christmas tree stand. 
Since the first two steps were a lot of work and you need to let the branches fall anyway go out for cocktails with your friend to relax and recover.

Wait a few more days because you are very busy doing important things like going out for dinner and sangria at a local tapas restaurant.  Then when the feeling hits you add the lights to your tree just as you remember that last year you said to yourself "don't forget to get more lights for your tree next year." Oops I forgot!  Someone remind me for next year!

Enjoy your tree with just lights for a few more days and then just for kicks throw the tree topper on too!  Make sure to enjoy more sangria while get the big bow just right!  Oh and just for fun treat yourself to a Pizza Hut personal pizza from Target too!  I mean you shouldn't have to cook when you have SO much to do with getting your tree topper on!

Do Christmassy things like going to the Nutcracker, entertaining an out of town friend with cocktails and Christmas trees, attend Christmas parties and take your nieces to The Enchanted Village.  Then when all of that is done plus your shopping and wrapping you should have time to actually decorate your tree!  Speaking from personal experience I got my ornaments on the tree with three whole days to spare!!!!

Enjoy your beautifully decorated tree every night when you come home from work.  If you are like me you will put it in your bedroom where you spend the majority of your time laying in bed while blogging and watching tv!

Here's hoping that next year it doesn't take me three weeks to complete these seven steps! 

Someday when I live in a bigger place I want more than one tree so I can have themes and if/when that happens I'll have to be much faster to make it all happen!