Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween And Fall Fun

I had a very relaxing weekend with not too many scheduled activities which is rare for me. I spend a quiet Halloween night at home and since I live in a locked building had no trick-or-treaters come.  Saturday morning my client canceled while I was in route to meet them which did not make me very happy but it did allow me to get an earlier start on the rest of my day. I drove down to the Cape to see my grandmother.  My mom was there too and the three of us went out to lunch. My grandmother went back to sunny Florida today! Lucky her since it also snowed for the first time of the season TODAY!  Due to that I stayed inside all day long and it was wonderful!  I had a long to do list and unfortunately only got 2 big things done on it (well 3 if you count the nap I took)!

Here are a few snapshots from my weekend!

My trick-or-treating = wine! Cheers!

My favorite thing to do on Halloween night is watch my Facebook feed as everyone loads photos of their kids in costume.  So much fun to see all the cuteness!  My nieces looked so cute as a puppy and a unicorn (their favorites so no surprise that is what they picked).

Since I have no children or pets of my own I have to share someone else's.  This dog is one of the pet therapy dogs that comes to the hospital for the program I run. He visits the patients and they LOVE it!  He looked pretty adorable as a lion even if he didn't think so!!

The other day I was driving and saw this!  SO beautiful with that sky in the background.  Oh how I love fall and wish these colors would stay around just a little longer (Mr. Snow that means you need to STAY AWAY)!

This is one of my pumpkins. Instead of carving it I decided to make it a Bean Team pumpkin!  I have a favor to ask you.  To raise awareness for MS would you smash your pumpkin and take a video or photo then share with me?!  Who needs to keep old pumpkins around anyway - much more fun to smash them and the kids will love it.  #PumpkinSmashForMS #SmashOutMS

I haven't smashed mine yet since it was pouring rain yesterday and snowing today! I hope to do it soon but considering it will be dark each night when I get out of work I'm not sure. . .




  1. Such a bummer you don't get trick or treat-ers. Wine is a good alternative though. The dog looks aforable as does your nieces. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend.

  2. Oh my goodness, that photo of the tree and leaves is breathtaking, you should frame it! I couldn't believe how much it was snowing up in NE. I was hoping the football game would be in the snow, and a little disappointed I stopped before game time. A lovely weekend, and the girls look cute in their costumes!

  3. Seriously why are people so inconsiderate - how do they cancel right before an appointment!? That photo with the sky and trees is beautiful!! Sounds like it was a great weekend and your grandma is so lucky to be going back to Florida!!

  4. Sucks you can't get any trick o treaters but at least you got to relax :) Wow, snow?! Crazy. It's cold here in NYC but not cold enough for snow yet... thankfully.

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)