Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fashion Plates Brunch

In my previous post I promised something interesting and sophisticated in my next post and I probably shouldn't have promised that without knowing what I would blog about! Thankfully I remembered that I never shared photos from the Fashion Plates brunch from a few weeks ago.  When I think about all of the amazing ladies involved in this event two of the words that come to mind are definitely interesting and sophisticated!

For those of you new around here, I've been involved with this incredible event, Fashion Plates, for 4 years now.  It is a Fashion Show and Luncheon to raise money for the National MS Society.  The coolest part is that all of the models are "regular" people with MS.  I was fortunate enough to be a model for the last three years while also serving on the committee.  This year I will not be modeling but have remained on the committee which is so much fun.

We always have a get to know you brunch a couple of months before the big day (which is just 2 weeks away)!  The brunch is a great way for the models to get to know each other and for the committee to share important info about the day.  And let me tell you we know how to throw a party brunch!  See for yourself!

The tag line for this event is "Real Women Real Stories" and it couldn't be more true.  All of the models are real people with diverse backgrounds yet all share one thing in common. . . MS!  We had so much fun at the brunch getting to know some of our new models and I can't wait to see them walk the runway in some fabulous clothes.  I'm also excited to attend the event and watch for the first time!  I still have room at my table if any of my local friends want to come let me know.  You won't regret it!

If you want to check out my past blog posts about the Fashion Show and see me as a model click on the links below!
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkins, Gourds And Goats Oh My!

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this weekend I went to the pumpkin patch at Ward's Berry Farm.  But they have a lot more than just pumpkins.  They are a working farm with tons of yummy produce for sale, a deli, a smoothie bar and they recently added cider donuts!  I bought some corn on the cob and it was SO good!

They also do a weekly farm share that I would love to take advantage of. . . if I lived closer and if I cooked.  Haha!

Anyway I thought I would share a few more photos and a funny goat story!

So many gorgeous colors. . . I loved all the pumpkins and gourds! If I were rich I would buy a ton of the unusual ones and decorate my whole apartment with them!

Aren't they so cute!?  It was feeding time so they were all pretty occupied eating hay and didn't really care about us.  Carter was trying to feed them his dead corn stalk which they quickly realized was not as good as the hay!

And now for the story you've all been waiting for (or not just go with it). . .

When we first got to the farm we quickly made our way to the pumpkin patch since nobody else was there and we wanted to beat the crowd.  We had to walk by this guy who was in a pen all by himself and for some strange reason he had climbed up on this fence before he even saw us.  He was so cute and friendly but as we got closer we realized he was feeling pretty happy (if you know what I mean).  Carter was quickly going to get a lesson in sex ed but he actually didn't even notice because the goat was too busy making out with Joana's hand.  Yup he was very friendly.  OMG you see it all on the farm! Haha!

And while we are on the topic and since I am oh so mature let me just say this is actually not the first time this has happened to me!  Once when I was at Sea World in San Diego many years ago I saw a very happy walrus.  Now that was a sight.  Then a few years ago after horseback riding in Ireland with my cousin her horse gave us a show.  She almost killed me when I got out my camera to take a photo.  Yup real mature.

Ok now that half of my blog post is about male animals getting hard ons I'll end this post there.

I promise tomorrow my post will be about much more interesting and sophisticated topics.  Please come back!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Picking

Three day weekends are glorious.  Why can't I work four days every week but still get paid for five?! Something to ponder.  Anyway back to my weekend. . . I spent Friday relaxing, napping and catching up on my DVR shows.

On Saturday I was ready to go bright and early. I met up with my friend Joana at the pumpkin patch near her house, Ward's Berry Farm.  Since we got there right when it opened we were the only ones there which was really nice.  It was a gorgeous fall day and Carter loved running around the field of pumpkins!

The perfect pumpkin and candy corn nails.  What could be better?!

There were two separate patches - the one in the first few photos had all large pumpkins and then there was a smaller patch with little pumpkins (photo above) and they were just so cute!!

After picking out our pumpkins we visited with the animals and played on the playground.  It was such a relaxing morning.  I could have sat outside in the warm sun for hours!

More fun fall posts to come this week.  I feel like I need to enjoy these last few warm days because I know the dreaded winter weather is just around the corner!

I finally decorated my house a bit to look more fallish and I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies which are my favorite fall treat.  Finally feeling like fall around my house!  Three day weekends are the perfect balance - you have enough time to relax, do something fun and clean/organize.  I love it.

How was your weekend?


Friday, October 24, 2014

Five On Friday

TGIF!!!!!  Seriously so glad it is finally Friday especially since I'm not working today.  I'm enjoying a much needed day off.  Work has been insane all of September and October.  I really don't know what it is but it has just been way crazier than usual with numerous complicated cases.  In a way I love it because it is clinically challenging but this girl needs a break.  I'm exhausted.  Here's to a 3 day weekend!!!!!!

The MAAV Walk and Candlelight Vigil was last Sunday and I can't wait to tell you all about it - just waiting for the professional photos from the day to be shared on Facebook so I can steal some for my post! Until then you can enjoy this photo of me with my awesome facepaint. Purple is the color for DV awareness and I just had to get a ribbon. Don't worry - I let all the little kids go first!

I saw this fall display the other day while walking past a nursery and had to snap a photo.  Love the colors and shapes of all the fun pumpkins and gourds.  I'm going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and I can't wait!  Have to enjoy the last few warm falls days because I know the cold days are right around the corner!

It may be fall but nobody told this hydrangea!  It is in full bloom on my friend's tree and it is the only one on the entire tree! SO strange but so pretty even if it is a couple of months late!

I got my first pedicure since before the MS Challenge Walk.  My pinky toe nail had grown back enough to put polish on it.  My feet were a mess so they needed a good scrub! Ha! I went with a great fall color - OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight!

Fashion Plates is 3 weeks from today and even though I'm not modeling this year I am just as excited for this event.  I have a few friends and my mom joining me and I know we are going to have a great time.  The committee has once again put together some amazing raffle baskets all worth over $1,000!  Now I just need to find something to wear!

That's all for now. . . going to enjoy the rest of my day off.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Enjoying The Colors Of Fall At Larz Anderson Park

It is going to rain the rest of the week here in Boston so this weekend I took advantage of the unusually warm weather on Saturday by going to Head Of The Charles and then the crisp more appropriate fall weather on Sunday by going to Larz Anderson Park with my friend Colleen (and if you are a football fan be sure to check out her sports blog).

This park is only a few miles from my house and I really don't know why I don't visit it more often.  As you'll see from my photos it really is beautiful!  Such a great country feel yet so close to the city.  We had such a nice time walking around and enjoyed all of the fall colors.

Larz Anderson Auto Museum which has "America's Oldest Car Collection" is also within the park.  There are often car shows going on during the weekends and this day was no different.  There were a lot of sports cars and teenagers!  Fortunately that was just in one area and didn't disturb our leaf peeping!

I have never seen anything life this tree.  It is huge!  I just love the way the leaves/branches come all the way to the ground.  The big yellow tree could be see from all over the park and was quite beautiful!

If you look closely you'll see the tops of The Pru and John Hancock towers!

There were plenty of people there with dogs enjoying the big open fields, people taking photos and people enjoying picnics.  There is also an outdoor ice rink for skating in the winter!

Colleen and I both agree that we need to visit this park more often!