Thursday, September 4, 2014

On The Eve Of The MS Challenge Walk. . .

I can't even believe that today after work I will meet up with my teammates to car pool (we're so green) to the Cape for the MS Challenge Walk!  It's here!  It's here!  Am I ready to walk 50 miles in 3 days. . . well I sure hope so because ready or not it is time!

In case you missed it I guest blogged on Kate's blog last week sharing 10 Things (Kate Needs) To Know About Walking 50 Miles For MS.  I think it was kind of funny if I do say so myself!  Go read it and wish Kate luck since she is a Challenge Walk virgin!!!

Another MUST READ is a post on my friend Christa's blog.  She is the sweetest!

Now that you've finished all that ready you can enjoy some photos from my last few training walks!

The above photos are from Callahan State Park.  My clients wanted to go for a "hike" with their dogs so we did. It was a GORGEOUS day and I took these photos with my iPhone.  The sky was that blue!

After the "hike" and prior to my real training walk with Emily I had to carbo-load.  Thankfully the Roxy's food truck was in my neighborhood that day.  Yum!

Emily and I walked from my apartment along the Charles back downtown.  She did 13 miles since she walked to my place and I did 10.  It was a great walk and the time went so much faster with someone to chat!

After that 10 mile walk I totally deserved a reward!  JP Licks that night for an ice cream treat was just what I needed.

This past weekend I did a shorter training walk - about 4 miles I think (I totally can't remember now).  How adorable is this bike!?  Love it!

I already told you about my adventure at Crowe's Beach.  The above photos are from that day when I walked the sand (my legs felt it the next day).  Seriously one of the prettiest places I've see on the Cape!

So there you have it.  Training walks are DONE!  It is now time for the real thing.  20 miles on Friday, 20 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday.  Please pray for no rain, no blisters and good health for all involved.  I know The Bean Team is going to have an amazing 3 days!

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and supported me/us.  I appreciate it so much. 

Follow me on Instagram this weekend to see photos from the event!!!

P.S.  There is STILL time to donate.  Every bit helps.  A donation in ANY amount.  Donate here!!!


  1. looks like a very fun day !! enjoy this weekend


  2. Love Callahan State Park. Hope you all have fun and with the least amount of blisters possible.