Sunday, September 21, 2014

MS Challenge Walk 2014 - Day 2

I'm back to tell you about Day 2 of the MS Challenge Walk weekend! Sorry for the delay - last week got busy! If you missed Day 1 go here to read about it!

Saturday was another day of 20 miles walking from the Sea Camps in Brewster all the way to Orleans and back.  Most of the day is spent walking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

It was also "Orange Day" since orange is the color for MS.  Since The Bean Team wanted to stick to our trademark pink we added in some orange accessories!

We quickly made it to the first rest stop aka Germany and stopped briefly for some pretzels and beer!  We continued on our way and ran into "Meghan's Men" and of course our Meghan had to walk with them!

We made it to the next rest stop which was the "Knock, knock" stop.  We had to leave a joke on their banner!  They had orange gatorade which made me very happy!  We continued on and made it to "the beach" rest stop and we were treated to slush.  It was a great treat especially since it was such a hot day.  We also ran into one of the photographers and got the photo below!

Photo by Dan Young

Next up was our favorite crew! The theme for this rest stop was a "Gangster" theme and they had the best props.  Look at that safe they made.  Oh and how funny is that "gin?"

We made it to the Cape Cod National Seashore which is very close to the lunch stop aka halfway point.  It is usually my lease favorite part of the walk but this year wasn't as bad.  I think having several people to talk to, finding our team sign and finding my heart helped pass the time!

The 10 miles back to the Sea Camps consisted of us complaining about our blisters.  We all had them at this point.  The moral support was helpful and we pushed through until the end.  Seeing the cheering volunteers ahead of us as we approached the finish line was such a happy sight!  Oh and that sign above read "CONGRATS! DAY 2 IS OVER!" Best words ever!  40 miles down and only 10 to go!!!!

Photo by Dan Young

My mom kept busy while waiting for us to finish.  We were happy to see some chalk cheering us on as we walked down the driveway!  Thanks Mom!!

That night we continued with the orange theme for the day as much as we could.  I had ordered orange yoga pants to wear and they never came! I was so bummed!  #firstworldproblems
I bet you are wondering about the pirates?!  We were too and I'm still not really sure what the heck they were doing there!

Photo by Steve Sookikian
The Saturday evening program is always emotional and inspiring. This year was no different.  It started with Dr. David Rintell (who was hilarious by the way) and contined with two walkers living with MS sharing their journies.  As always it ended with the candlelight ceremony - a poem is read and each person lights a candle based on their connection to MS.  At the end they played "You Raise Me Up" and everyone holds up their candle.

Exhausted, we then all hobbled to our cabins to go to bed.  There is always a party somewhere at the Sea Camps but we couldn't manage to keep our eyes open another minute!

Day 3 and 10 miles was going to come quick and we all wanted to be as rested as possible to finish out the walk with a bang!  Day 3 recap coming tomorrow!

P.S.  There are still a few more days to donate!  Go here!  Every dollar helps and no donation is too small.  I'm in the process of doing my thank you notes now so if you like snail mail that is just one reason to donate! :)

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  1. You guys are amazing!!! Looks like it was such a great time...even if you guys were in a lot of pain from the walking!! Thanks for linking up :) Happy Monday!

  2. I am impressed! I'm sure it wasn't easy, but it looks like you had a lot of fun along the way!

  3. Pretzels and beer?! Love all the different stops and the themes. So fun!