Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MS Challenge Walk 2014 - Day 1

The MS Challenge Walk was over a week ago now and I've finally come down from the "walker's high" to blog about it!  To sum it all up in one word. . . AWESOME!  The Bean Team walked 50 miles in 3 days.  It was hot.  We got blisters.  We ate a lot of candy.  We laughed.  We raised a TON of money! 

Now for a recap of Day 1 with a bunch of fun photos so you can maybe get an idea of why this event is such a great time!

We drove down to the Cape Thursday after work.  We checked in at the Welcome Party and got our "credentials."  Then we went to dinner at Olive Garden for some carbo loading before checking into our hotel for the night.

Kate, Emily and I shared a room and we had plans to hit the hay early but Emily decide to do "weird" things and take photo to post on twitter for donations.  Well the donations started rolling in and Emily got a little goofy bouncing around our room while posing for funny photos (follow her on twitter if you want to see photo evidence).  It was good for some laughs and also incredible to see our fundraising total rise!

The next morning we were up early and drove over to the beach parking lot to leave the car.  This was our morning view.  Not too shabby!

This was my 3rd year walking the MS Challenge Walk and 5th year participating since I did the Crew the first two years.  I was feeling good and ready to go!

The walkers of The Bean Team minus Jenn who was at Ella's first day of kindergarten and met up with us at lunch.

My mom did the Crew for the 5th year in a row!  I also got to catch up with Terry and Kelly who lived next door to us (and babysat me) when I was little.  Their oldest sister has MS and then have done the walk for many years!

We left the Hyannis Green around 8:30 AM and set off for 20 miles.  Destination: The Cape Cod Sea Camps in Brewster.

Photo by Andrew Child

The theme for the walk was "Around The World" so many of the rest stops followed along with the theme.  This rest stop was Italy complete with a Mona Lisa photo opportunity! 

Making it to a town line is always a big deal because it means you are one town closer to the final destination of the day! 

The lunch stop is at the halfway mark and every year I eat a fluffernutter.  It is my once a year tradition and it never disappoints!  This year they had Panera sandwiches but I still stuck with my good old fluffernutter!  So good.  Jenn joined us at this point and our team was complete!  We only gave her a hard time for missing 10 miles for a few minutes the rest of the day.

For the first time this year one of the cranberry bogs was "flooded" for a water harvest.  I've never seen any cranberries in past years so this was very exciting!

Our favorite rest stop crew is this one.  They always have the best themes and get really into it with costumes and decorations.  This was the Roman Empire!

Photo by Dan Young

When you get to this point of the walk on Day 1 it is VERY exciting.  You can see the Sea Camps and you can hear all the volunteers cheering. . . it is such a great feeling to know you are done and that massages are nearby!

It was a VERY hot day so as you crossed into the Sea Camps there was a volunteer (my dad) spraying the hose.  Despite being hot I still didn't like the cold water hitting me!  Ha!

Our Day 1 "after" photo!  We did it!  We completed Day 1 with smiles on our face and feeling pretty good. 

My parents as I mentioned volunteered - my mom all three days and my dad just the first day which just so happened to be his birthday!

We always look forward to the foot soak.  It feels so good.  We all examined our feet to check out the damage (aka blisters).  I had a few but not too bad in comparison to past years.  Oh and we sang Happy Birthday to my dad!  Next up: massages, showers, wine in that order.  A great way to relax for the evening!

There was a short evening program with fortune cookies on our tables.  I was pretty impressed with how appropriate my fortune was until I realized they were made special for the walk.  Lol.  I still liked it!

After the evening program we were back in our cabin and ready for bed by 8:30! But not before some of my teammates did some stretching!  We went to bed early with hopes of a good night sleep because wake up call for Day 2 would be bright and early!  More to come. . .


  1. I don't know what's more impressive - the walk itself or the fact that you only eat ONE fluffernutter per year.

  2. Now i want a fluffernutter! Yum! That is a good looking team!