Tuesday, September 30, 2014

iFest Boston (Ireland On Tour)

On Friday night I went to opening night of iFest Boston with my mom, Aunt Cathy and brother Allan.  This is the first time this festival has happened and of course the Irish picked the best city to start it in!  It was a 3 day festival at the Seaport World Trade Center.  The great thing about this event is that they used the indoor and outdoor space!

The tickets were a bit pricey at around $60 per person.  That was too much for my liking but when the week leading up to the event they offered a buy 1 get 1 free deal I jumped on board.

This event was all about drinking, music and dancing.  What else would you expect from the Irish?  In the outdoor area there was a Jameson pub, Guinness pub and Dingle Distillery where my brother is a founding father and has a whiskey cask was there too.  You could buy drinks at each.  Also in the outdoor area was a large stage where a lot of the big acts performed.  They had picnic tables and you could just sit and listen to the music which was nice.

In the indoor area there were a lot of travel agent type people and tour group companies all promoting vacations in Ireland.  Very useful if you are planning a trip but I really wasn't interested since I've been so many times and would be unlikely to use a travel agent when going back.  Also inside they had cooking demonstrations.  We watched one (and tasted).  They also had an area were you could try the Irish sport hurling.

My favorite part of the night was seeing this Irish band, Seo Linn, who sings everything in Gaelic!  I guess they are a You Tube sensation in Ireland b/c they do popular cover songs but in Gaelic.  It was so funny hearing a song you know buy not being able to figure out what it was b/c it was not in English!  We all loved them!  Check them out on You Tube!

My second favorite part of the night was the big finale show with Riverdance.  I've always wanted to see Riverdance but haven't had the chance yet.  It was so good!  I was disappointed that they didn't dance more/longer.  They showed a lot of the videos of them dancing while the band played live but the actual dancers only came out like three times.  Not sure why but would have loved to see more!

iFest was a lot of fun.  There are a few things they could do to improve it (like more live music) but overall it was a fun night.  Not sure if it will make it to other cities but if it does you should check it out!

P.S.  Sorry for the crappy iPhone 4 photos.  I can't wait to get the 6!!!!