Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bean Team Stickers From

Right before the MS Challenge Walk, offered me the opportunity to review their 3x3 vinyl stickers and it was perfect timing!  We were able to use them at the walk to decorate our stuff.  Below our some iPhone photos of just a few places we used them!

Before the walk I found these orange thank you cards and knew they would be great to use for a little note for each of my teammates.  I had my mom leave them on each of their bed's so they would find them on the first day after walking 20 miles.

The stickers made the perfect finished touch to the orange cards.  In case you didn't know orange is the awareness color for MS!

We put stickers on our water bottles, luggage, waist packs and anywhere else we could stick them. We wanted everyone to know we were The Bean Team and I think it worked! 

The stickers are great quality and held up really well.  They stick well to many kinds of surfaces which is great too.  I still have a bunch left so I plan to give some to my supporters and sponsors and use them at future events!

You can order your own stickers from here.

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  1. Adorable stickers! Man, if I had the energy, I would do so much more stuff for the walk like that. Love that you make it with those personal touches!